All Due Respect

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All Due Respect

We open on a body bag in a morgue. Did Six Feet Under start a week too early? Whose body is it? There are so many options at this point. Johnny Sack, Phil Leotardo, and Jimmy Petrille stand nearby. The morgue attendant walks over and says that the body is ready to be released. Jimmy suggests that Phil wait to see his brother's body until they get to the funeral home. Phil explains that he promised his mother that he would look at the body "before they put on all that pancake and shit." That pancake and shit is pretty horrible. No offense to the morticians of the world. Phil uses his cane to walk into the room as the morgue attendant unzips the body bag. Phil looks at his brother's lifeless body and murmurs something in Italian. It could be a prayer or a curse. Possibly both. Phil gently touches his brother's face, and then asks Johnny how long he has to wait, because Tony Soprano will never "give up that fucking animal Blundetto." Johnny gives Phil a warning glare, which Phil ignores and says, "An eye for an eye?"

At Uncle Pat's abandoned farm, Diet Tony stands and stares out the door. Something rustles in his sleeping bag. The bear? A raccoon? No, it's a woman, and she's naked! She puts on a bra by pulling it over her head, like a sports bra, but it's a regular bra-type bra. I am totally fascinated by that acting choice. Was the actress trying to say that this character is dumb? Unique? Or is that how the actress really puts on a bra? I realize that everyone else was just like, "Boobies!" and totally moved on. Anyway, one gratuitous tit shot later, we learn that Diet Tony has told the woman that he's the farm's caretaker, and that his cousin is paying his way to Italy through Canada shortly. Diet Tony hands the woman some money, and I'm pretty impressed that he not only found a whore in the countryside, but that she wasn't that bad-looking. Diet Tony settles back into his sleeping bag, as the whore calls out her thanks for the massage. Heh.

Christopher's mom, Joanne, walks out of her apartment to find Phil Leotardo and a friend walking up her sidewalk. I'm still not clear on all of the people in Johnny Sack's crew. They greet Joanne by name, so they obviously know who she is. Christopher -- who is hiding inside watching television -- hears the noise and goes to the window to see what's up. Joanne denies that her son is inside. Phil says that they are "from Alcoholics Anonymous." Joanne asks his name and Phil deadpans, "Well, we're anonymous." Heh. Christopher grabs a gun and prepares to spring into action if needed. Phil continues to grill Joanne, who evades his questions, and tries to leave. Phil grabs her hand and threatens to "take that discman and ram it up [her] box." Ew! ["That's no way to treat consumer electronics." -- Wing Chun] Phil's friend tries to calm him down as Joanne breaks free and runs off. Phil's friend reminds him that Joanne is someone's mother. Inside, Christopher looks anxious.

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