All Due Respect

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All Due Respect

Meanwhile, Tony is still running through the woods. He almost gets bitten by a dog. He comes to a neighborhood, and runs away from a cop car driving nearby. Suddenly, he's fording a stream. I think he ran really far. Tony walks by an elementary school, and pauses to sit on the steps. He pulls out his phone and calls his lawyer to tell him that the Feds just hit Johnny Sack. The lawyer informs Tony that Jimmy Petrille flipped, and the Feds took down "the whole Petrille crew, plus Johnny." The lawyer adds that it would have reached all the way to Carmine Senior if he hadn't died. Tony can't believe that Jimmy Petrille flipped. Tony says he was just at Johnny's house, and that he left his car and walked the three miles home. The lawyer cracks himself up by saying there's no law against parking, unless you are in front of a hydrant. Tony says he's not laughing. The lawyer says that Tony wasn't named in the indictment, because they're after Brooklyn. Tony looks sort of relieved. The lawyer promises to call when he hears more. Tony slowly realizes that he may have killed his cousin for no reason. As Tony walks away, the kids inside the school sing "Mr. Tambourine Man."

In the woods outside Das Sopranohaus, we hear branches breaking as a dark figure crashes around. The bear? No, it's Tony. He walks up to the back door of the house and knocks as Van Morrison plays on the soundtrack. Carmela opens the door and tells Tony to get inside, and he does. We close on a shot of the house and pool, snow all around.

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