All Due Respect

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All Due Respect

Das Sopranohaus. A.J. is talking on the phone. Get used to it. Carmela walks in and asks why A.J. is still there, and he claims that he doesn't have to leave as early now that he's driving to school. Good one. I can't believe Carmela bought that line. Then again, I can't believe that Carmela buys a lot of A.J.'s crap. Carmela notices Tony nearby, and asks what he's doing up so early. Tony claims that the snowblower woke him as he applies some caulk around the bottom of the French doors off the dining room. Carmela doesn't think Tony has been sleeping well at all. Hmm, I wonder why not? Something on this mind? Tony changes the subject to ask what's going on with A.J., because all he does is talk on the phone. Carmela says that she's sick of nagging him to fill out his application for East Stroudsburg State. Tony looks out the window and points out that the gardener's son is working hard, and they can't get A.J. to take out the garbage. Carmela responds, "Poverty is a great motivator." Tony waves to poor Sal Vitro, who is trying to lug some brush around. Tony asks if Carmela thinks they gave A.J. too much. Um, yes? Carmela points out that Meadow had the same upbringing, and that she's doing great. Is she, though? Tony nods and says that Meadow takes after Carmela, but Carmela insists that A.J. is hers, too. Tony says he's going to talk to A.J.'s coach today. I love how these two talk about A.J. as if they had nothing to do with the way he is now, and have no control over him.

The door opens, and Carmela's dad walks in with an architect and some blueprints. Carmela offers food all around. Meadow comes up out of the basement, and at first you could only see her outline, and I was all nervous that it was someone sent to kill Tony's family. Season finales make me paranoid. Carmela's dad tells Tony about some other houses that the architect designed, and Tony pretends to be impressed. Meadow checks out the blueprint and is impressed that the entry is three stories high. I'm not sure why that is impressive, or why they made such a point of mentioning it, or why Meadow constantly seems to be doing laundry. Tony and Carm smile at their "successful" child.

Christopher walks into the apartment he used to share with Adriana. Poor Ade. He rummages through some drawers and pulls out some jewelry. The phone rings. Christopher checks the Caller ID and sees that the call is from Tony, so he picks it up. Except it's Carmela, asking for Adriana. Carm explains that she went to Fortunoff's, and that they said that Adriana hasn't gotten back to them about her china pattern. Christopher says that they broke up. Carm asks what happened. Christopher says that Adriana left and broke his heart, and that she also left him high and dry regarding the Crazy Horse. Carmela asks if there is anything she can do, and Edie Falco's face has the perfect mix of sadness and excitement about juicy gossip. She asks if there is a number to reach Adriana, and Christopher replies, "Not that I know of." Heh. Carmela tells Christopher that there are other fish in the sea. Christopher thanks her and hangs up. He grabs some more things from the drawers and starts to head out. He stops and takes one last look back at his apartment before leaving.

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