All Due Respect

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All Due Respect

Ray Curto gets into a car with yet another FBI agent, and hands over a tape of Tony talking to Wide Guy. The agent wants to know if Adriana took off or was killed. Ray is surprised to hear that they think she may have been killed, and says that he heard she took off, and doesn't know where. The agent tells Ray to get in touch if he hears anything.

The guys gather for a dinner to celebrate Ray Curto's birthday. Silvio announces that Tony will be by later, and that they should start without him. Larry Boy Barese makes a toast, and everyone laughs and drinks. Paulie tells the waiter to take one place setting away, because Christopher went "south with the geese." Hesh points out that Christopher is "the logical sacrifice bunt." Bobby wonders if New York might come after him, since he's Tony's brother-in-law. Paulie thinks he knows Tony the best and for the longest time. It's funny how they are all trying to win in the getting-whacked competition. Is that really a trophy you'd want to win? The men discuss how they are losing money due to Johnny's shenanigans. Wide Guy sums up by saying, "All due respect, I'm willing to die for a good cause. But this is bullshit."

Before anyone can agree, Tony shows up. Wide Guy makes a hilarious face like, "Damn, I hope he didn't hear that." Tony notices that everyone got quiet when he walked in, and asks what's going on. No one answers, so Tony presents Ray with some birthday gifts, including a bottle of Soprano wine from Italy. Wide Guy brown-noses, "That's going to be a treasure." Tony doesn't comment, and asks Larry Boy how he got out, since he's supposed to be under house arrest. Larry Boy makes a joke about balls, as you do. Tony says he can't stay, but that he wants to say something. He launches into a speech about how his cousin committed an inexcusable act, but that Tony has been told that if New York catches Diet Tony, he will be tortured. Tony says that he doesn't know where Diet Tony is, but even if he did, he wouldn't deliver his cousin to New York. Tony insists that he would offer the same protection to any member of his Family. Tony angrily concludes, "And we will deal with this as a Family, together, no matter how it affects anybody personal safety-wise, financially-wise, whatever." Everyone kind of nods. Tony says it's important that Christopher "lam it" (love that), and that he wants everyone else to "circle the wagons." The guys all look down at their plates. Tony gives Ray a hug goodbye, and I totally thought he was going to find a wire, since this scene came right after Ray was talking to the Feds. Tony walks out, and Patsy Parisi sarcastically says, "Thank you. That was great." What was that about? Was he dissing Tony that openly? I thought that was weird.

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