All Due Respect

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All Due Respect

Having realized that Junior can't provide counsel, Tony goes to see Melfi. She asks how things are going since he moved back in with Carmela. Tony just nods, and then blurts that he had a dream a few weeks ago, and that it was one he's had before, about his high-school coach. Melfi asks what happened. Tony sheepishly admits that in high school, the coach told him that he was special. Melfi wonders why this is coming up now. Tony says that he went to see A.J.'s coach, because A.J. hasn't been starting anymore. Melfi asks why. Tony says that A.J. is devoting more time to academics. Ha! Melfi asks about Tony's cousin. Tony says it's not so good, but that he can't talk about it. Melfi says that it's difficult to treat Tony when he can't talk about parts of his life. Tony angrily says that his cousin's trouble affects him tremendously. Melfi shrugs. Tony says that he cares about his cousin. Melfi reminds Tony that they discussed how Tony's feelings for his cousin "stem from guilt and shame." Tony tries to deny it, but Melfi says that once again, Tony is "going into high sentimentality mode." Tony yells that he and Diet Tony were children together. Melfi says it's like with A.J., and Tony is upset that the coach didn't say that A.J. is special. Tony pouts. Melfi yells that Tony should own his feelings. Tony says that he's confused. Melfi snarks, "But...we can't talk about it." Tony says that it's his mess, and all his choices were wrong.

Some kids work the gate at a high-school party, charging five bucks for a cup. Man, inflation hasn't hit that market. I think we paid about that when I was in high school. Maybe it was three. Anyway, A.J. and Devin stand nearby and watch. A.J. asks his friend where a particular group of guys is from. The friend says they're from Montville, and A.J. orders, "They gotta go." Devin agrees. A.J. answers his phone and gives someone directions. Another jock comes up and tells A.J. that some guys brought their own bogus cups to get out of paying. How'd they get past the guy at the gate without paying? A.J. walks over and asks to see the cup. A.J.'s friend grabs the cup in question and checks it out. The freeloader shoves A.J.'s friend, and the two start wrestling. A.J. backs away, and then smiles. Even weirder, no one else at the party seems to care. In reality, they would have all gathered around and cheered them on.

Tony sits in his office and stares at the phone. He finally picks it up and punches some numbers. Johnny Sack answers, "Speak." What a prick. Tony sits there, silent, and then hangs up. ["Johnny Sack probably thought it was an obscene caller, with the way Tony's laboured breathing was echoing into the receiver at eight million decibels. James Gandolfini: please lose some weight. Your huffing is way too loud and it's grossing me out." -- Wing Chun]

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