All Due Respect

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All Due Respect

Paulie steams a suit in his townhouse. How can someone care so much about his appearance, and then have that crazy hair? Tony knocks on the door, and Paulie lets him in. Tony says that he hears Paulie has some beefs, and then walks into the living room, where he sees the stolen Pie-O-My painting on the wall. Paulie explains that he knows Tony wanted it burned, but that it moved him, and he couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a picture of Tony on his wall. Tony asks about the adjustments that Paulie had made. Paulie says sadly that Tony never comes by anymore, so he didn't think it would matter. Tony growls that he can't visit, because they're all being watched. Tony thinks that Paulie and his "whores" laugh at the painting. Paulie says it's not a joke, and explains that he thought a more traditional look for the painting would go better with his décor, as well as capture Tony's essence. Hee! Paulie and his interior-decorating theories crack me up. Tony thinks he looks like a lawn jockey. Paulie says it's "a general," or rather, Tony dressed as a general. Tony walks closer to inspect the painting, then pulls it off the wall and stomps out. Paulie looks hurt. Outside, Tony stuffs the painting in a dumpster, and then steps in some garbage. He stares at his image in the Napoleon outfit, and then slowly realizes what he needs to do.

Van Morrison plays again as Diet Tony navigates his car back to the farm, having made a trip to the store. He parks in the barn. I'm wondering who's feeding the chickens that are wandering around the place. Diet Tony checks to make sure his gun is accessible, and then walks up to the door of the farmhouse. He pauses at the door, and then hears a squeaky floorboard as Tony walks around the corner, carrying a shotgun. Before Diet Tony can react, Tony blows him away. Tony walks closer to make sure Diet Tony is really dead. He's dead, all right. Big hole in the forehead. Lots of blood. Dead. Bye, Diet Tony! Tony kneels, breathing heavily. He tosses the gun aside, and peels off his rubber gloves, and then walks away, leaving the body lying on the front porch.

Tony stops at a pay phone and calls Johnny Sack. Tony spits out the farm's address.

That night, Phil and a buddy pull into the farm with their lights off. Phil gingerly approaches the front door. Just as Phil opens the door, he notices Diet Tony's body lying nearby in the woodpile. I was expecting there to be a wood chipper reference somewhere, but I guess the writers are too classy for that.

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