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He May Walk Like A Man, But He Ain't No Gigolo

In the room itself, meanwhile, Feech is gleefully complimenting Christopher on the length of Adriana's legs while Chris just glares at the guy like he was sniffing her underwear or something. Once the drinks are delivered and Adriana has left, Vinnie wants to talk about the old days. Feech, of course, has all kinds of stories to tell, but Silvio suggests that he start with the one about Tony and Jackie Aprile Sr. knocking over the Executive Game back when Feech was running it. Feech isn't exactly thrilled by that tale, and he tries to save face by claiming that Tony should've been whacked for what he did, and also that he was scared out of his mind during the heist. Yeah, but I bet he didn't piss his pants like the Little Lord. "Feech has forgiven," smirks Tony, "even if he hasn't forgotten."

This brings Feech around to the topic he actually wanted to discuss, and he asks everyone else to leave the room and give them some privacy. Everyone heads out but Silvio, who (as noted by the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters) silently raises a finger to remind Tony to wait until the air conditioner kicks in before they conduct business. You know, because Tony thinks air conditioners defeat FBI listening devices. Feech finally asks Tony for permission to regain control of the Executive Game, noting that he ran it successfully for eleven years without any problems. "Not to mention that maybe I got it coming," he adds. "Considering how it could have gone for you after you took the game down, if I had been a prick about it." "Or if his old man didn't have so many friends," corrects Silvio. Tony thinks about it for a moment, and then decides to give in, and even offers to hook Feech up with some high-rollers he knows. "Let me get out of here before I keep talking and fuck this up," growls a pleasantly surprised Robert Loggia. I actually feel the same way about this paragraph at this point, although I will mention that Feech calls Tony "Don Antonio" on the way out. Oh, and Silvio doesn't like him. Tony: "He's old. How do you think that feels?" And you know, I think I'm beginning to find out.

Das Sopranohaus. Carmela is in the living room, reading a brochure about Bo-Tox in case the divorce gets finalized and she has to go find work on Nip/Tuck or something. Because there's no way in hell Edie Falco would ever stoop to appearing on dreck like Joey. AJ wanders in, and asks for permission to attend some concert in New York City later in the week. Carmela, however, refuses to let him stay overnight in the city, so AJ just whines a lot and heads back to his room.

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