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Amour Fou
e shot of the sunrise, and then the scene is over.

David Chase: Oh man, Aaron's gonna have a field day with those undies.
Jaromir Jagr: Who?
David Chase: You know, Aaron. That weirdo recap guy. He's from Pittsburgh.
Jaromir Jagr: I try not to associate with the locals. They frighten me.
David Chase: Aw, come on. The Burgh's a great town. It's like a white-trash San Francisco.
Jaromir Jagr: Hey, do you know what we call a "yinzer" in Prague?
David Chase: What?
Jaromir Jagr: Petr Sykora. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
David Chase: Yeah, that joke never stops being funny.

Satriale's. Silvio gets his seven seconds of screen-time (which is seven more than Paulie manages this week), and then Joey Pants arrives for the big sit-down. He joins Tony by the table, and they both agree that the situation is "terrible." Tony asks if Joey has heard from Jackie; he says he hasn't. They sit down, and Tony explains that he feels for Joey, because "he's living under the same roof" as the kid, and Joey further points out that "it was [his own] card game." Pants mutters that it's a disgrace, but then finally works up the courage to admit that he wants to "give the kid a pass." Tony looks not at all surprised by this, and Joey continues to say that he knows Tony has "bigger concerns," and that his orders will be followed. But still, Joey doesn't want to kill the kid. "I think you should go with your instincts on this," says Tony, and Joey does look surprised by that one. "But Furio took a hit. And Chris. These are made men," wonders Pants, to which Tony replies with the crux of his plan: "I'll make sure they respect your decision, because I'm sure you're gonna do the right thing." See, Tony thinks he can pawn the problem off on Joey, who'll either kill the kid and take the heat, or not kill the kid and face the wrath of Chris and Furio. Joey makes his intentions pretty clear by quietly reminding Tony that "this is Rosalie's kid." You know, after repeated viewings, I honestly don't think he's trying to get over on Tony here. I think he thought he was helping Jackie Jr. by telling that card-game story, because he wants to see the kid have the success that he didn't. ["Or piggyback on the kid's success, either way." -- Sars] Now it's all backfired on him, and he looks genuinely shell-shocked by the whole state of affairs. Tony twists the knife a little more by pointing out that "the kid disrespected [Joey]", and that "the one thing you cannot do is blame yourself." Even if Tony does. In fact, Tony next says, "You took this kid under your wing. You schooled him as best you could," before getting an evil look in his eye as he asks, "Didn't you?" Joey nods slowly, as if to acknowledge his involvement in turning The Little Lord to the dark side. Tony pulls out the pistol he took off Jackie a few weeks ago, and places it on the table. Joey takes it back, and there's a long moment of solemn silence before he leaves. Outside, he stands on the sidewalk for a moment, almost in a stupor, as he tries to comprehend the scope of the mistakes that he's made.

Melfi's office. Tony ties a nice little bow on the Gloria situation by coming to terms with the fact that "she wanted [him] to fucking kill her." "Like suicide by cop," replies Melfi. He's worried that she was just using him for the inevitable confrontation, and finally describes her as "just another Irina with a college degree." Melfi moves to get back on the therapy track, and asks Tony how he manages to recognize these women who are just like his mother. "I don't want to fuck my mother," Tony replies in frustration. "No matter how many times you say it, you’re never going to convince me." "Not fuck her," elucidates Melfi, "try to please her. Try to win her love." She goes on to say that "we need to repeat the familiar, even if we know it's bad for us." I apparently feel the same way about most adjectives (not to mention a few verbs), but that's a different story. Tony asks the only question he really cares about, which is whether or not he should be worried about Gloria calling Carmela. Melfi claims she can't predict that, and asks him again why he constantly places his marriage in jeopardy. "Maybe I'm looking for a way out," he answers, and Melfi smiles and patronizes him with "Anthony, you'll never leave your wife. She might leave you, but you'll never leave her…despite your mothering, you made one good decision in your life vis-à-vis women. You're not going to throw that over." Tony finally admits that she's right, and Melfi brings the session to a close. Tony slowly and silently walks out of the office.

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