Army Of One

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Army Of One

You might have heard I run with a dangerous crew
Carlo, Matush, and TFTSNBN too
And maybe I bit off more than I can chew
But it was Joey that gave me the gun
They showed me chess board and told me to play
I can't do Scrabble 'cuz I'm a Poo A
But they never told me the price that I'd pay
When the season had just begun
Oh, only the dumb die young.

The next morning, Carmela comes into Meadow's room to inform her that everyone else is going up to the Hudson Institute for AJ's interview. "Jackie is dead," mutters Meadow, "and you perseverate over secondary schools?" Now I know she's depressed, but who uses the word "perseverate"? Then again, it's not like I haven't made my feelings on arbitrary repetition pretty clear over the past thirteen weeks. Anyway, Carmela sits down on the bed and starts gently explaining that she's already helped Rosalie and her sister make all the funeral arrangements. "Your brother doesn't have a school. He can't be allowed to sit around chatting all day on the web all day with the other dropouts and the flakes." Okay, I don't care what anybody says anymore. If you add up "perseverate" and "flakes and drop-outs chatting on the web," that almost has to be a shout-out to me. And by the way, Meadow? Looks kind of sexy with bed-head. Or maybe that's just me, too. So Meadow slowly articulates that Jackie was the first person her own age that she's ever known that died, and Carmela lays the blame squarely on his (mythical) drug dealing. "What, the X?" asks Meadow. "Half the kids I know take it." Including herself, of course, although I note that she neglects to mention that. She's also the only one (so far, at least) that doesn't buy the drug-dealer story. "Look at who he grew up with. Look at who his father was. Look at EVERYONE we know." Carmela doesn't like where this is going, and instructs her to not "get cute." Meadow gets all haughty and replies, "When I'm being cute, I'll let you know." I thought we'd already covered that with the bed-head bit, but I guess not. With her daughter crawling back under the covers, Carmela gets up, throws the curtains wide open, and basks in the warm glow of her denial. "Now you liked Jackie, so you don't want to believe that he did this to himself. So, like a lot of other people [read: Carmela, or alternately the idiots suing the show over their depiction of Italians], you go looking for boogeymen to blame. Boogeymen with Italian names. So whatever you're thinking, just stop thinking it right now, because that is not what happened." Meadow can only stare silently as Carmela marches out of the room.

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