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Pan across the Bada Bing sign. Girls dancing. It's now nighttime. Shot of the phone sitting on the table in the back room; Tony, holding a glass of scotch, eyes it. He paces around. He fiddles with the pool-table felt. Shot of the phone. Tony, simmering. Shot of the phone. Back and forth between shots of Tony agonizing and shots of the phone.

A darkened office. Junior walks in; Roberta greets him with surprise: "Corrado! I was worried, you usually call when you're this late." He just stands there stiffly. She explains in a starting-to-get-nervous tone that she got dinner for them -- chicken, potato salad, lemon meringue pie -- and she got so hungry that she ate a piece of the pie. Junior snaps out of it and stalks over to her, yelling, "Did I tell you to keep your mouth shut?" He slams her up against a file cabinet, fist clenched: "Did I tell you to keep your goddamn mouth shut?" She begs him not to hit her. Breathing heavily, he lets her go. She begins to cry. He picks up the pie and grinds it into her face as she sobs. The tin falls away from her face, and only her weeping mouth is visible; Junior starts for the door, then turns to shout, "You stupid fucking blabber-mouth cunt!" "I don't understand!" Roberta wails. Junior tells her to get her things and "don't be here tomorrow!" He clomps out of the office; behind him, she begs him not to leave and snivels that she loves him.

Outside, Junior flounces out of the building; the song that the two of them danced to in Boca plays, and Junior begins to cry too. Then he flounces some more.

Silvio answers his car phone. Tony asks if he's at the house and if Hauser's home; Silvio says "yeah," and Tony tells him, "Fuck it. Walk away. Walk away, don't do it." "Fuck!" Silvio hisses, then says, "Yeah." "Leave it alone," Tony tells him. "All right," Silvio grumbles. "Son of a bitch."

A TV broadcast about the charges against Hauser. Tony, who's well into his cups, raises a highball glass in a toast to the screen as footage rolls of Hauser's perp walk.

A shot of the house at night. Meadow comes out of her room to see Tony, blasted and giggling, reeling around in the foyer below and knocking things over. He grabs Carmela and starts dancing her around unsteadily; she observes that he smells "like Lord Calvert" and tries to get him to settle down, but he heads to the den off of the kitchen. Meadow continues to look on, worried, then turns and heads down the hallway so that she can keep spying on her parents.

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