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Guns, bottled water, and camping supplies

Carmela carries a red cooler over to Vic, who's wallpapering the house. Vic's got a co-worker named Ramon. Carm asks if anyone needs another sandwich. Vic flirts; Ramon politely declines. Vic keeps flirting, telling Carmela he lied about his cooler getting destroyed so she'd cook him some sausages. He says that he misses home-cooked meals since his wife died. She was a gourmet cook. Carmela says she's sorry about the death of his wife. Flirty, flirty, awkward stares. Carm asks if Vic has time to take a look at the powder room. Of course he does. She walks him over, past Ramon. They go into the little room and discuss the wallpaper for a second. Carmela shows him how the back of the door is papered. She shuts the door, and they stand close to each other. Small talk, small talk, Carmela moans, "Oh, Jesus," and they start mugging. It's a painful-looking kiss, with noises that aren't sexy. They break it up and start apologizing to each other. Carm says he should get back to work. Vic leaves, and Carm shuts the door, touches and sucks on her mouth, and doesn't exactly look ashamed or upset.

Uncle Junior watches his stories on the talking box. Janice and Richie walk in with tennis shoes, red coolers, and food. Junior says he's giving the sneakers to the "black kid [he lets] wash [his] car." He says the kid wears shoes with duct tape holding them together right now. He bitches that he turned his head for a second and now he doesn't know what's happening on the soap opera. He goes on gossiping about the story line. Junior sips his bottled water and tells Richie to thank Tony for the stuff. Richie says this was all from his end, except for the sneakers. He says it kills him to sit back and watch Tony fuck Junior. He says that Tony's not throwing them enough money. Junior says he can't do anything about it. Richie says that Tony's got to go. "That's my nephew you're talking about," Junior says. "How dare you? In my own home." Junior says that Janice is no good. When she was ten, she stole money from his wallet. Richie sits back as Junior ends with, "Word to the wise. That's all I'm saying."

Meadow sits on her bed and goes through her mail. They're all skinny letters, so they should all be rejections, but this is television, so whatever. The first is from Berkeley. She's in. The second is from NYU. She's in.

Livia is watching an incredibly pornographic infomercial about making homemade sausage when Meadow walks in. Livia says that Janice forgot to lock the front door and that she doesn't trust the new mailman. Meadow says that she got all of her college letters today. "Accepted at Berkeley, accepted at NYU, wait-list Columbia, Penn I didn't make it, Bowdoin I didn't make it, B.U. accepted." Livia asks about Georgetown. Meadow says she was wait-listed there. Livia says she doesn't owe Georgetown anything, and hands Meadow some money. Meadow kisses Livia and thanks her. As she leaves, Livia asks Meadow to lock the door on her way out. She doesn't. Livia goes back to her infomercial just in time to see some chocolate pasta.

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