Bust Out

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Guns, bottled water, and camping supplies

Tony watches some war propaganda films as A.J. does homework on the floor in front of him. Tony's phone rings. It's Paulie. He says the other party that said he saw something that they know didn't happen now knows that he didn't see what they know didn't happen. "Sleep well, my friend," Paulie says to Tony. Tony holds back tears as he looks over at A.J.

Tony walks into the powder room and sits down. He is in shock. He is upset. He is happy. He sniffs and blinks and sighs. He laughs and cries.

"You seem relieved," Melfi says to Tony. Tony says he is. Melfi asks if the witness just changed his or her mind. Tony says he doesn't know what happened. Melfi looks skeptical. Tony tells Melfi that he met a woman in Italy that reminded him of her. She was smart. The woman told him that he's his worst enemy. Melfi scoffs that it's a bit clich├ęd to say something like that. Tony says that you had to be there, that this woman was one of those "witchy broads." Melfi says she didn't mean to sound "disparaging." He says it's a different culture over there. "Like sybils." Melfi: "Sybils?" Tony says you had to be there. "Okay, so I wanted to fuck her." Melfi blushes as Tony says he brings all of this on himself, and that's what she keeps telling him. Melfi says that's what's at root, but the question is, how does he stop. Tony smiles, nods, and says he dodged a "very big bullet" today and he's feeling good, so he doesn't want any more psychiatry today. He gets up and leaves the room.

Beansie sits in a wheelchair with both legs in casts. Tony sits down next to him and gives him an envelope with fifty grand inside. Beansie doesn't want the money. Tony says he can donate it to the spinal-cord injury foundation. Beansie says he's going to walk again. Tony says that in the meantime he can donate, get his picture up, inspire people a little. Beansie says he's not going to be anybody's fucking poster boy. They argue over the money, and Tony tells Beansie he has to take the money. Eventually Beansie does, and Tony leaves, beaming with happiness.

Carmela minces onions, wearing her nice clothes and her good make-up. Shania Twain plays as the doorbell rings. Carmela yells for Liliana to answer the door as she fixes her hair and removes her apron. She walks over to the front door. It's not Vic, though. It's Ramon. Carmela is disappointed. Ramon tells her that Vic had to go to the other job. Carmela is sad.

Ramsey Outdoor. Liquidation sale. They're taking everything out of the building. Two men lock the front doors and put up a leasing sign.

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