Bust Out

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Guns, bottled water, and camping supplies

Tony's lawyer tells Tony that the cops are just looking to nail him down to a story on Matthew. He tells Tony to keep his cool and lay low for a little while. Tony says this is some "bad shit." The lawyer asks how this all happened. "Mid-life crisis?" he asks.

Carmela's meeting with her girls. Everyone bails quickly to pick up their kids except for Christine, David's wife. She lags behind to talk to Carmela, who wants to talk to her as well. Carm apologizes about Eric's car. Chris says this isn't the first time something like this has happened. She says that it might be a good thing that Eric won't have a car. They hem and haw over their children's choices over college until Chris's brother shows up to pick her up. Enter: Carmela's new crush. His name is Victor Musto, and he's got eyes like Seinfeld's Wiz. Apparently he's "the guy from Riptide." I'm too young to remember Riptide, and I'm pretty sure that's a good thing, but a quick search of the IMDb tells you that this guy is a TV-movie Mastah! Victor, a contractor, can't stop drooling over Carmela, and she eventually asks for his card, saying she needs some wallpapering done. She makes lunch plans with Chris at Vesuvio and tells Victor she's going to call him about the wallpaper. He leaves as Carmela thinks, "And some grouting."

Outside the Soprano Manor, Victor makes a comment about Carmela. Chris tells him to not even think about it since Carmela is married to Tony Soprano. Victor says it doesn't matter who she's married to; he respects the ring. "Especially that ring," Chris chuckles. "It probably came off a dead person's finger." I love this show.

David is on his back on a pool table, pushing a gun to his face. He holds the trigger and moves the gun around to different places on his head. Chris finally calls him from upstairs, and David jumps up on the pool table and puts the gun inside the ceiling tiles. Chris walks over and asks him what he's doing. David screeches that he's "fixing the fucking light bulb," and she tells him that he's the one that's always going on about how the felt on the table is going to get fucked up. She walks off, and David starts crying again.

Janice is getting fucked by Richie. She's got lousy dirty talk. Richie's got an ass I wish I never saw. He fucks her and holds a gun to her head as she shouts, "Oh, baby, you're the best! Oh, baby, you're the best! You're the boss! You're the boss! It should be you!" On that last line, Richie pulls out and lies back on the couch. He asks her what she meant by, "It should be you." Janice says she was just making love to him, but Richie's not buying it. She says she was in the heat of passion. "Boss this, boss that," he moans, wringing his hands. He asks how she can think of shit like that during sex. She lights a joint and says that powerful men turn her on. Richie asks if that's another dig at him. Janice laughs, and Richie leans in to kiss her. He says he's got to be loyal. "Without that, we crumble," he says. "Tell that to Paul Castellano," Janice says. Richie says he's old-school. Janice says her brother needs help. Uncle Junior still has friends and thinks the world of Richie. She hands him the joint. He smokes and moans over that damn jacket again. What a horrid tattoo that man has. There's a whirring noise, and Janice jumps up quickly. It's Ma, and she's riding the staircase chair down to the first floor. Janice says that if Ma needs something, she should just call. Livia asks if they're smoking marijuana down there, and says that she'd like to watch television. Janice says they should get another television for her room. Livia calls Janice "Rose Kennedy," with all of her money to throw around. Richie has the decency to put his pants back on.

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