Bust Out

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Guns, bottled water, and camping supplies

Carmela has a wet dream and wakes up alone.

Tony and Pussy are having a meeting at Ramsey Outdoor. Tony wonders why the cops haven't called Pussy in yet. Pussy says they will. They joke that they could get twenty to life for murder and racketeering. Paulie and Furio enter. Paulie says it's not good. Tony rushes Paulie, grabs him by the neck, and says he will cut him. "Just tell me." Paulie tells Tony to calm down. Where's Silvio, by the way? He says it's not a rat. "Thank God," Pussy interrupts. Paulie says there's an eyeball witness. Tony freaks out. He asks Pussy if he saw anybody. Paulie says it'll be just a bump in the road. He says his person at the station knows that this guy is just a civilian. "A flag-saluting motherfucker." Furio tells Tony that he should probably "lamb-chop it for a while." Pussy says that he keeps a suitcase in his trunk all the time. Paulie says they all know Pussy's tendency to just disappear. Pussy says that everyone can fuck themselves. "Fucking bygones are never bygones," he says. Tony says he's going to have to lam it, but he'll do it with lots of money so he doesn't end up slumming it. He says he's not going to be like some guy named Mickey that had five minutes to hightail it down to some rat-infested hole in "Elvis country." Furio asks Paulie where he could find Elvis Country. Paulie explains that it's anyplace without Jews or Italians. Furio says he still doesn't understand. "It's fucking starting!" David shouts, storming into the room. They yell for David to get back into his office. David says he opened his mail and it's a lawsuit. He's pissed off, but not as pissed at Tony, who charges David and tells him to get back into his hole. A scared David retreats, knocking over sporting supplies, and Tony calls after him a bit more gently, telling him that he's doing a good job. Tony walks back to the boys. Paulie walks over and tells Tony not to worry about the witness. Furio says in Italian, "That's true. We'll find him." "Exactly," Pussy says. Paulie says that Pussy doesn't know what Furio just said. Pussy says that he does. Paulie quizzes him, asking what Furio said in Italian. Pussy holds up a very large, quite sharp-looking tool and answers, "Sit on this, cocksucker." Everyone laughs, because that's how you settle arguments in their family. Tony says he's five minutes away from the can for the rest of his life and he's laughing. Paulie says he has to laugh.

Vesuvio. Chris and Carmela are complaining about the lack of romance in their relationships. Chris says that David's hardly home these days. Carm says that David's been working. Chris says that David has a disease. She says he's got a gambling problem. Carmela apologizes. Chris says she's glad the store's in her name, so he can't gamble it away. Artie walks up and takes the menus away from the women. He says he's going to make them a special tasting menu. Carmela is pleased. Artie says he knows that Carm usually orders Pellegrino, but he got a special deal on Ramlosa, and he'd like her to try it. He places the bottle of water on her table and walks away. Carm tells Chris it was nice to meet her brother the other day. Carm says that Vic is a doll, and that when his wife was dying, he waited on her hand and foot. His wife died of breast cancer. "I thought there was a sadness about him," Carmela says. She asks if they had any children. Chris says that Vic's wife had a "hostile womb." Carmela shakes her head and says she had a dream about Vic the other night. Chris begins to tease Carm, but Carm insists he was just wallpapering her dining room in the dream. Chris says that Vic was asking about Carmela as well, and that the dream obviously means that her subconscious wants him to wallpaper her dining room. Carmela folds and unfolds her hands, thinking all kinds of naughty things.

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