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Guns, bottled water, and camping supplies

A.J. is walking through the living room towards the front door as Tony stops him. Tony is carrying a fishing rod. He says that it's a gift for A.J. A.J. doesn't seem impressed, so Tony reminds him that it's the rod he wanted for Christmas last year but he had to back-order it. He says that they should go fishing. A.J.'s all, "Okay." Tony asks what A.J. is doing now. A.J. asks if they have to go fishing at that moment, and Tony says he was thinking about the two of them going to a movie or something. A.J. says he can't; he's on his way to the mall. Tony laughs because a movie is more important than the mall, and then A.J. has to go into the complicated explanation of how young teens congregate at the mall. He says that he's not the only one going to the mall. "Brad, Alan, Heidi, her sister maybe." Tony asks if it's like a double date and A.J. gets all upset, saying that they just go to the mall, eat at the food court, eat some more, and hang out. It made perfect sense when we were fifteen, didn't it? A.J. leaves for the mall. Tony rubs his head and looks rejected.

Therapy. Tony tells Melfi that Meadow did the same thing at A.J.'s age. He laughs about how boys and girls always travel in groups. He says that in his day, a boy and a girl went on a date. Melfi says that this isn't about A.J. going to the mall in a group, but rather that he went to the mall instead of the movies with Tony. Tony says that A.J.'s at an age where he's going to have a life of his own. He says now it's always, "We're gonna do this. We're gonna do that." Melfi says that she's heard Tony talk many times of doing things with A.J. Tony says that's over now. Melfi says that this period is bittersweet, because Tony's glad he's growing up, but he's sad to lose him. Tony looks down and is quiet for a while. He says that he might be going away for a long time for something he didn't do. Melfi is quiet, and Tony asks why she isn't being sympathetic. Melfi says that they're not supposed to go into specifics on these kinds of things. Tony says that he'll specifically say that he didn't do anything wrong. He might be put away for the rest of his life, and he can't discuss it with his shrink. "What the fuck are you for, anyway?" he asks. Melfi asks how it made him feel to know that he might be sent away to prison. Tony laughs at the stereotypical question and then answers that he's got to stay around a little while longer for the kids. "Especially my boy." He says that once his kids are out of the house, the government can do whatever the fuck they want to do. They can kill him, incarcerate him, whatever. Melfi: "I've never seen you like this." Tony: "Like what?" Melfi: "Scared." Tony smiles and says he wouldn't use that word. "But sometimes I feel...I don't know. You motherfuckers. You motherfuckers." Melfi tenses, and looks scared herself. "I don't fucking deserve this," Tony says, holding back tears. Melfi looks down and asks how his medication is working. There's a silence, and the Melfi says they should probably stop.

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