Chasing It

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Chasing It
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Tony and the guys are at a casino, playing roulette, and Tony hits big. There is much cursing in both shock and disappointment from the other guys. I do like how they all wear suits to go to the casino, since most people were jean shorts and t-shirts with flip-flops these days. It seems classy to do it mobster-style. Tony decides to let his winnings ride. All of it. The rest of the guys seem a little nervous about that decision, except Silvio, who supports his boss. The wheel spins and...Tony loses. He tries to hide how much losing that much money hurts him as the guys commiserate.

Cut to a cemetery, where two boys are breaking bottles and generally causing mayhem while dressed as goths (still? really?). One of the boys is Little Vito, son of Marie and the late Big Gay Vito. Little Vito steps things up by knocking over the headstone for one David Hackel (the real-life writer/producer of Becker, among other shows), to the amusement of his friend, who looks like The Crow crossed with Adrien Brody. But then, cheese it! The cops! The two boys run away.

Tony and Silvio sit in the front room at Satriale's as Tony checks the odds for that day's horse races. Silvio spots Marie Spatafore walking in and grumps, "Ooof. Look at this mezza-morta." Marie enters, and Sil leaves to let her speak to Tony alone. Marie -- played by Elizabeth Bracco, whose voice is distractingly like that of her sister, Lorraine -- thanks Tony for all he's done for her since Vito's death. She sniffles through a rundown of Little Vito's troubles, including an accusation that he killed a cat, and that he's now seeing a social worker. Tony looks taken aback at exactly how messed up the kid is. Tony reassures, "Well, in a way, it's to be expected with Vito passing and all that entrailed [sic]." Marie gets to the heart of the matter: she wants to move to Maine, and needs $100,000 to make it happen. She reminds Tony that he promised to help her if he could. Tony asks if she's talked to Phil, and Marie downplays the family connection (she and Phil are second cousins). Tony offers to talk to Little Vito, and fill in the father role he's missing. That's not the answer Marie wanted, but it's the answer she's getting.

Tony heads to the back room, where Silvio is busy gluing a lamp back together. Was this the end result of one of Tony's rages? Or does Silvio just enjoy simple home repair? You make the call. Tony reports on his conversation with Marie, and Silvio agrees that a move won't help matters. Silvio thinks they should get a dog. Tony, probably thinking about the cat rumors, quickly says that's not a good idea. Silvio stays silent as Tony bitches that he doesn't know why this is his problem, and that he thinks Phil is responsible, since he whacked Vito in the first place. Tony gets to what may be the heart of the matter: that he's taken a real financial hit, since Vito was his best earner. Silvio continues calmly brushing glue onto ceramic pieces as he agrees that Marie's troubles are not Tony's problem.

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