Chasing It

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Chasing It

Hesh returns to bed after peeing once again to find Renata unresponsive, and apparently quite dead. He calls 911, but her eyes are open, so it's not looking good.

Hesh sits in his house, alone, mourning. Tony lets himself in and allows that Renata was "a great girl." He hands over a paper shopping bag filled with cash, and says, "Sorry for your loss." Hesh just sits there. On first viewing, I thought that was a giant fuck you, but on subsequent viewings -- especially coming right after that scene with Carmela -- I think maybe Tony really was trying to make good. Just like on first viewing, I didn't love this episode, but after ruminating and reading the forums and rewatching a few times, I now think it was a great portrayal of just how far Tony is spiraling out of control, and how he has almost no one left to catch him on the way down, and how his downfall is entirely of his own creation. At least, that's my interpretation. We'll see what the next five episodes hold.

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