Chasing It

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Chasing It

Once Tony's gone, Hesh walks into his bedroom, where his girlfriend, Renata, is sleeping. In a nice piece of continuity, Renata is African-American, because we know Hesh has a predilection. Hesh complains that he's only asking for the money he's owed, and yet Tony made him feel like a schmuck. Hesh points out, as Renata makes sympathetic noises, that Tony throws away his money on stupid things like his boat.

Tony glances at his watch during a session with Melfi, so clearly it hasn't been all that productive. Tony wants to talk about how Jews are good with money, which Melfi isn't going for. Tony veers onto the subject of his gambling, and his losses of late. Melfi wonders why he keeps gambling if he's losing so much money. Good question, Melfi. Tony says that he needs the risk, and Melfi wonders, "What are you chasing? Money, or a high from winning?" Tony doesn't answer. Right when they might be getting somewhere, Melfi moves on to talk about how Tony has missed a lot of appointments, and even though he does call ahead or pay for his time, it's not acceptable, and she's let it slide for far too long. Tony admits that his time with Melfi is "an oasis in [his] week," which Melfi doesn't really like to hear, since therapy shouldn't really be comfortable and pleasant if it's working. Melfi wants Tony either to make a commitment to continue seriously, or stop coming to see her. Tony seems to realize that all of his support systems are crumbling -- Christopher is more interested in his movie than anything else, Bobby beat the crap out of him, Paulie's got a big mouth, he feels he can't rely on the rest of his crew, he's loath to involve his family in the Family business, Hesh seems to just want his money, and Melfi is withdrawing her unconditional support as well. And not that Tony doesn't deserve it; you can't treat people like your servants all of the time and then expect they'll always be there. I'm just pointing out how things are unraveling for Tony, because I think it explains some of his actions later in the episode.

Carmela shows her spec house to her cousin Brian and his wife, who's pregnant. A home inspector shows up, and Brian introduces them to Hugh and Carmela, their cousins/builders. The inspector looks less than thrilled about the family connections, but heads off with Brian and his wife to start his work. Carmela and Hugh look nervous, like they don't want anything to upset this delicate sale.

Phil takes Little Vito out for ice cream and a chat. Little Vito is sullen and in full goth drag, and Phil accuses him of looking "like a Puerto Rican whore." Vito tries to act tough, and Phil says that he knows that part of growing up is rebelling, but that Vito needs to stop upsetting his mother. Phil announces, "Your family's had enough shame. You should set things right. You understand me? Jesus Christ. Be a man! Be the kind of man she needs -- strong, masculine." The camera cuts to Vito's pudgy, feminine face, covered in makeup. Yeah, I don't think that strong, masculine thing is happening.

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