Chasing It

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Chasing It

Tony's barbecuing for the family, including Meadow, AJ, and Blanca. Tony announces that they need to celebrate Carmela selling her house. Meadow and AJ look legitimately happy for her. Blanca asks if the house is kind of big for two people. AJ says that it's a mansion, and Blanca looks...upset? Disappointed? Not happy. Meadow adds that Brian and his wife are expecting. Blanca eyes Carmela shrewdly, but I have no idea what's going on in that head of hers. I wanted to add that the light was beautiful in that scene -- the golden hour.

Carmela calls Hugh in the middle of the night and tells him to look outside, where it's raining pretty hard, implying that it might screw something up with their house. Hugh complains that Carmela is worrying about nothing, and that he's not losing any sleep over it. Carmela clearly is, though.

The guys eat lunch in the Satriale's back room. Hesh walks in and says he was in the neighborhood, and thought he'd check in. Paulie invites Hesh to join in their card game. Tony keeps making little anti-Semitic cracks, like calling Hesh "Shylock." Tony makes a big show of pulling his money out and tossing it to Hesh. Everyone is uncomfortably silent until Tony claims that it was a joke, and they turn back to their card games.

Hesh gets his blood pressure checked by his daughter, who announces that everything's fine. Hesh thinks that whatever problem's he's having are caused by Tony, and his son-in-law Eli asks what's going on. Hesh explains that Tony's got a bug up his ass about repaying his loan, and is making "hostile remarks." Eli wonders what Hesh thinks the fallout will be, and Hesh admits that he's worried for his own safety because Italians, when cornered, can become animals. Nice to see that Tony's not the only one with some sweeping generalizations to make about ethnicity. Eli is sure that Tony wouldn't do anything, and that he can afford to pay the loan. Hesh estimates that Tony is, bottom line, worth "under six." Million? Figures? Eli is shocked, and Hesh says that Tony spends money like water; he wonders "at what point is it cheaper for him to settle it another way?" Eli has no response to that, but he looks worried.

The guys are back at the casino, playing blackjack. Tony seems to be winning this time, and when there's a dealer change, he decides to cash in. He carries his giant stack of chips over the window, but before he gets there, he notices a horse named Meadow Gold with great odds at Batavia Downs. Batavia! I grew up about twenty minutes from there! Sorry, it's rare that my hometown gets noted on national television. Anyway, Tony decides to bet all his money on the horse with the same name as his daughter. Silvio supports the bet, but Christopher seems nervous that Tony bet at least $18,000 on one race. Bobby is stone-faced, and Christopher asks what his problem is. Bobby claims he's excited. I don't know what that exchange was all about. The guys watch the race, and Meadow Gold is winning at first, but ends up in second place. The sound slows down as Tony realizes that he just lost big. The guys commiserate, and Tony pretends it's not a big deal.

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