Chasing It

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Chasing It

Hesh sits in his den, reading. He sees Tony and Bobby pull up outside, so he yells to Renata to go up to the bedroom and lock the door. He answers Tony's knock. Tony and Bobby come in, two hulking guys in black leather coats, and invite Hesh to join them at the boat show. Hesh begs off, claiming that Renata has a migraine. Tony reaches inside his coat, and Hesh cringes until Tony pulls out an envelope of cash, his weekly interest payment. Hesh tries to refuse the money, and Tony asks if he's going to do this every time. Hesh can't win here; Tony won't let him refuse the money, but Tony also gets pissed when Hesh accepts it. Tony and Bobby take off, and Hesh breathes a sigh of relief.

Bobby, Tony, and Carlo head to the boat show. Tony bitches about Hesh's attitude. Bobby thinks Tony should just blow off the loan, since Hesh has no way to retaliate. Tony wonders how it would look if he didn't pay his debts. I just watched the episode on A&E the other night where Tony's dad tells him that a man doesn't gamble, and he always repays his debts. Really interesting viewing after watching this episode, where Tony is basically going against everything his father taught him, right or wrong, about the code of manhood. Carlo brings up an episode of The Twilight Zone, and it's really interesting to read that episode description. Basically, the episode is about a guy who gets shot and goes to heaven, where his every whim is satisfied. But soon he gets bored, and he asks to go to hell, which he thinks will at least be more exciting, so he's told he's already in hell. Lots of parallels to Tony this season, no? Anyway, Tony's not interested in hearing it, and explodes at Carlo, suggesting that he should start sucking cock like Vito instead of watching TV, since Vito earned way more than Carlo ever has. That is probably the worst thing Tony can say to Carlo, who was one of the most vocal critics of Vito's sexual orientation in the Family. Carlo looks more worried than offended, though. Tony manages to blame all his gambling debt on his reduced income, instead of, you know, losing money on stupid whims.

Tony, in robe with bedhead, reads the paper and finds that the Jets won big. Carmela thinks that's what they wanted, but Tony is pissed that he didn't bet more, because he could have won even bigger. He claims that he actually lost money, which Carmela calls bullshit on. He refers to Carmela's profits as "bullshit," which pisses her off. She yells, "That spec house was my investment for my future. Ginny Sack had to move in with her fucking daughter, Tony." Tony, out of control, yells, "Do you ever think I might know what I'm doing?" He accuses Carmela of spending all of his money. Carmela suggests that she get a cut of his next win, and Tony digs deep and reminds her that she "already took [her] cut, from the bird feeder." He brings up all their past arguments about money, which wounds Carmela deeply, and she tries to walk away. Tony follows her and grabs her shirt, telling her that he's more responsible for the success of the spec house than she is, so it's his money. Carm calls him a "piece of shit," and Tony continues to press the exact right (or wrong) buttons, assuring her that her house is a piece of shit, and that it's going to "cave in and kill that unborn baby any day." He thinks that's why Carm can't sleep at night. So there goes another person who might have served as a support system to Tony. He's really pushing everyone away, isn't he? Not to get all Loveline on you, but I think people that grew up with drama and chaos can't stand it when things are going well, so they have to create drama and chaos consciously or subconsciously. Tony does it. Janice does it. Sometimes I wish we could see more of Barb's home life too. And by the way? Great acting, as usual, by Gandolfini and Falco in that scene.

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