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No One Is To Blame

Janice has finally arrived at Bobby's house, claiming that she missed her turn the previous night because her Bible group was feeding the homeless. Uh huh. Bobby just sits at the table and mopes, but Janice insists that he talk about his feelings. He finally breaks down, and explains about being mad at Karen for making him go to the store when he was sitting in the very traffic caused by her overly-coincidental but still highly dramatic plot point. Er, accident. Janice watches him cry, and a look that could almost appear to be compassionate (if we didn't already know she was a sociopath) comes across her face.

Satriale's. The guys are enjoying a nice lunch when Big Chief Donnie calls to let Tony know that he was unable to stop the protest. Tony takes it pretty well, but Silvio insists repeatedly that he ask about whether or not the Iron Eyes Cody thing made any difference. Big Chief Donnie says it didn't, and makes the analogy that it's like knowing James Caan isn't Italian. Did people think he was? I had no idea. Although I guess Silvio did, because the hangdog look he sports upon hearing the news is priceless. Anyway, Chief Donnie invites the crew up to spend a day at the casino, and Tony accepts. Silvio refuses to believe that the battle has been lost, but Tony claps him on the shoulder, and rather tenderly explains that it's over. As has been pointed out on the forums, pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong for Tony has this week, but he seems to be taking it pretty well. Probably because he hasn't yet realized just how far his power has slipped.

Therapy time again. But still no Melfi. Hmmm. This is becoming a trend. Janice is explaining to Vera how she felt so moved by Bobby's emotions, and how she "felt unworthy to even be in his presence." Vera, on the other hand, scores a giggle from me with a perfectly contemptuous "oooo-kay" upon hearing that Bobby is also a mobster, but is "not like the others." Of course, he really isn't, but she doesn't know that. She then insists that Janice break up with Joey, adding that she should do so "with the respect and compassion [she's] famous for." Heh. Is Melfi the only shrink on this show who doesn't just tell people what they want to hear?

Mohonk casino. Tony is working the craps table, but scores an unlucky roll just as the scene starts. This, of course, allows Silvio to utter the highly-portentous line, "You had a great run T, but now it's over." After Foreshadowing swings by to take their drink order, Tony leads the crew over to the buffet and tells an absolutely horrible joke that I won't bother to reproduce here. Then Big Chief Donnie arrives, and after reminding me that this recap is due in less than fifteen minutes, he asks to speak privately with Tony.

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