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No One Is To Blame

Back at the church, the women emerge and head for their cars. Mrs. Little Stevie delivers a report on the stern talking-to she gave Father Intintola, and then Karen Bacala says she has to get going for a dental appointment. Everybody watch as she climbs into her mini-van, because it's the last time you'll ever see her. In the background, Foreshadowing rings the church bells as ominously as only he knows how.

Cut to later, as Bobby Bacala sits in his car, stuck in traffic. He's got a funny cell phone ring, too. It's no Rocky, but then again, he also doesn't have a vibrating piece of plastic stuck in his ass. At least I hope he doesn't. With that fat suit Steven Schirripa has to wear, you never really know. It's his AJ-wannabe kid on the phone, calling to tell him that Mom wants him to bring home some steak and eggplants for supper. Bobby complains that Mrs. Bobby can be "a real pain in the ass sometimes," but he does agree to do the grocery shopping. Through the windshield, we can see a nasty-looking car wreck up ahead, with police, paramedics, and Foreshadowing all gathered around the flipped-over car.

Chez Soprano. Carmela and Rosalie enter to the sounds of a ringing phone. Carmela answers, and is quickly informed about Karen Bacala's death. Her and Rosalie share a tearful hug. Farewell, Karen Bacala. We hardly knew ye, but your husband was everyone's favorite fat guy. Fade to whi…whoops. Wrong show.

The next day, Silvio, Christopher, Furio, and Patsy are playing cards in the Satriale's back room, reminiscing about the dear departed Mrs. Bobby. Tony comes in and mentions that the same thing happened to a friend of his. In keeping with the show's ethnic theme this week, he makes sure to point out that the other driver was Oriental. Then he smacks Patsy across the back of the head, and yells at him for getting arrested while Junior is on trial. Silvio quickly takes the heat for everyone, declaring "This is something that hits home. I can't turn the other cheek on this." But could you at least turn to a different shirt-maker? Preferably one who doesn't normally combine old tablecloths with Hefty bags when making his product? Tony dismisses everyone else, and he and Silvio sit down to discuss the issue. After detailing his contributions to the Italian-American Anti-Defamation Coordination Council at length, Silvio explains that everyone wants Tony to get involved in this one. "As your consigliore, I think the guys, and myself too, we need your leadership on this." Tony agrees to participate, but insists that they "use [their] brains." Silvio assures him that they will, claiming, "this battle will be won on a PR level. Hearts and minds." Inspired by this little pep talk, Tony gets up to call Boon for assistance, which unfortunately leads us directly into a close-up of Peter Riegert clipping his nose hair. Tony asks him to take action against the Native-American protesters, but Boon claims that his "hands are tied on this one." Tony slams the phone down on him in mid-sentence.

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