Cold Stones

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Cold Stones

Phil lies awake in his bed at home while his wife sleeps next to him. Seems like Carm isn't the only one having a sleepless night.

Carmela and Ro walk outside of their hotel to catch a cab to the airport. Ro has to go back inside to grab "the Toulouse-Latrec placemats." Carmela takes the opportunity to spend some more time admiring the lovely architecture and statues. In the distance, she sees a beacon of light that looks a lot like the one Tony saw in his coma.

Carmela arrives home, and Tony greets her with a hug. Ro also arrives home to a hug from her mother.

Vito Jr. reads a newspaper story about his father's murder to his little sister. An anonymous source leaked the news that Vito was gay, which I have a hard time believing a reputable paper would print. Anyway, Vito's kids are sad to learn the truth about their father.

Early in the morning, AJ prepares to go to work. Carm is doing laundry, saying that she can't sleep because of her jet lag. She sorts the laundry, already back to the domestic lifestyle.

In a studio, a photographer reads the story about Vito in the paper. He shows his assistant the weight-loss photo he took of Vito, so the last shot we see is of Vito, smiling wide and showing off his giant pants. Goodbye, Vito! I can't say I'm sorry to see him go, since I was getting a little bored of that storyline, but it does seem to have set up a New York/New Jersey feud, so it'll be interesting to see how that plays out.

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