Cold Stones

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Cold Stones

Tony and Phil meet at a warehouse club, along with Sil and the Hairdo. They discuss the office park job, and Tony complains that John was willing to work with them, but Phil's not. Phil says that John is boss in name only at this point, and so Phil's decision is final. Tony and Phil argue further over the vitamin deal, when they're really arguing over whether or not Tony respects Phil's authority as acting boss. They leave with things looking unsettled.

Tony sits at home, eating cereal and watching The History Channel. Carmela walks in, fresh from a workout, and reminds Tony that she won a trip to Paris at a silent auction. Tony pretends to know what in the hell Carmela's going on about, when he clearly doesn't remember at all. Tony also tries to put down Paris and Europe, but what he really means is that he doesn't want to go. When Carmela lets slip that she could ask Rosalie to go with her, Tony is suddenly all for it. Carmela doesn't realize that Tony just didn't want to go, and she puts forth a sales pitch that she can't handle Meadow leaving, her spec house failing, and AJ being an asshole. Tony tells her to go because she deserves it. Carm says that Tony will enjoy being home alone "doing whatever it is boys do when they're on their own." So is she telling him to go out and fuck someone? Carm is excited, and leaves to call Rosalie. Tony calls her back to look on the TV, which is showing the Arc de Triomphe. I'm actually impressed that Tony knew that was in Paris, although I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since he constantly watches The History Channel.

Tony reads the paper in the mall food court. Vito walks up and says hello, and then immediately point outs that his brother is standing nearby, in case Tony has any funny ideas. Tony is shocked and angry and won't allow Vito to sit down. Vito says that he wants back in, and that the whole situation got complicated. Tony agrees that it's complicated "when you're taking it up your fag ass." Vito says that he's not gay, and blames his actions on his blood pressure medication. My cat's on blood pressure medication. Is she going to start trying to get it on with my other cats? And even I'm not crass enough to make the obvious pussy joke, but I'll let you fill in the blanks. Vito makes Tony a business offer. He'll pay Tony $200,000 directly. Vito knows that the guys in construction won't tolerate him, but he thinks that he can work in prostitution and drug-pushing. Vito claims to have contacts in Atlantic City and wants to set up his business there. Tony leaves, but seems willing to consider the offer.

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