Cold Stones

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Cold Stones

The guys hang out and discuss the Vito situation. Christopher calls Vito a stalker, and Sil adds that "living in the closet" makes gay people extra-devious. Sil reminds everyone that Richie Aprile disowned his gay son, an action the guys seem to approve. Christopher leaves to go to an AA meeting. The second he's out the door, Paulie starts bitching that the new generation of wiseguys are all a bunch of weaklings, what with the gayness and the twelve-step groups. Sil says that everyone wants Vito gone, including Phil. Tony bristles at the mention of Phil, and then adds that Vito would be pretty far removed if he were in Atlantic City, but they would still get income. Paulie silently stands up and leaves, and none of the guys seem to support what Tony's considering.

Tony is ready to take Carmela to the airport, but she's nervous about flying. Tony presents her with a gift for her trip: a "Louie Vittoon [sic]" wallet stuffed with lots of cash. Carmela gets tears in her eyes, as Tony says that she's had a rough year, what with him in the hospital, and that she should enjoy herself. Carmela asks Tony whether he remembers when she said that she loved him while he was in the coma. Tony says no, and just walks away, despite the fact that Carmela is obviously trying to have a moment with him. Carmela thinks she should tell Tony that she loves him more often, especially when he gives her lots of money like a whore. What?

Vito, Marie, and the kids have a meal at Rockefeller Center. Vito tells the kids they have to keep it a secret that he's in the CIA and has been serving in Afghanistan. Both kids promise not to tell. As the kids skate on the rink, Marie and Vito talk about their future. Vito promises that once he gets things straightened out with Tony, he can move back in with his family. Marie asks Vito whether he's going to get counseling, and Vito vows that he doesn't have a gay problem anymore. In fact, Vito thinks that they should consider having another kid. Vito Jr. yells out to his dad to watch this move, and then…just skates. I thought he was at least going to do a jump or a twirl or something. Vito Jr. makes me sad for some reason.

Vito sits in a motel room, smoking. He picks up the phone and calls Jimbo, and Jimbo is not so happy to hear from Vito. Jimbo totally has Vito's number, because he realizes that Vito just couldn't live without the gambling and whatnot of his old life. Vito lies that he just didn't want to drag Jimbo down with him. Jimbo yells that Vito thinks he's smarter than everyone else, and everyone kisses his ass in Jersey. Yeah, look at all the ass-kissing Vito's getting. They're lining up outside. Vito just says that he loves Jimbo, and Jimbo tells Vito to never call him again, and hangs up. Good to see Vito off that blood pressure medication --he is totally not gay anymore.

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