Cold Stones

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Cold Stones

Cut to Silvio, yelling at someone cleaning the Bing's neon sign: "Be sure you clean that shit off her tit." So, not quite the sublime beauty of Paris. Anyway, Tony announces that he's changed his mind, and asks Sil to find someone to whack Vito. Sil wonders why, and Tony says that he has to pick his battles with Phil, and he knows that if he doesn't take care of Vito, Phil won't cooperate with the business side of things, which they need. Sil supports Tony's decision, even though Tony is angry that Vito put him in this position. Sil asks who should do the whacking, and Tony recommends Carlo, since he had such a problem with Vito in the first place. Tony continues to try to convince himself that he's made the right decision by saying this whole thing is Vito's own fault, and that he should have just "stayed wherever the fuck he was."

Inside the Bing, Tony takes out his phone and listens to his messages. There's one from Carm, saying that she got to Paris safe and sound. While listening, Tony makes eyes at a stripper on stage in front of him.

Rosalie and Carmela walk through the streets of Paris. Rosalie asks what all the plaques around them say. Carmela interprets the text confidently, kind of like how Tony talked to the Spanish-speaking people.

Phil walks into his bedroom and complains to his wife that their tailor made his slacks too short. Mrs. Phil says that she'll take them to a different place on her way to church, and then confesses that she's not psyched about facing her priest and fellow parishioners, since she has a gay in her family and all. Whatever happened to "hate the sin, love the sinner"? Mrs. Phil says that her priest said if Vito doesn't "renounce that lifestyle," he'll be damned, and "there's nothing gay about hell." That makes less sense the more I think about it. Because someone who believes homosexuality is a sin would probably think that hell is really gay, since it's the bad place for bad people and all. But Phil thinks that it's quite profound, which might be the point – the Leotardos aren't exactly deep thinkers. Mrs. Phil delivers her final words on the subject: "Vito has to be made to face his problem squarely." Phil just sighs.

In a Parisian church, Carmela looks particularly pretty in a lavender coat as she wanders around and takes in the sights. She notices Rosalie lighting two candles and then saying a short prayer. Carmela crosses herself and joins Rosalie, taking the time to appreciate the beauty of the statue of Virgin Mary and Jesus behind the altar.

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