Cold Stones

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Cold Stones

In another room, Tony reveals his true feelings to Silvio. He thinks Phil had Vito killed just to get at Tony -- not out of any hatred for Vito. Well, I think it was a little of both. Tony's phone rings, and he sees that it's Carmela, so he takes the call. Tony makes a bunch of jokes about song lyrics and whatnot, and Carmela says that between Tony and Rosalie, she can't handle all of the pop culture references. I think the intimation is that Carmela understands true culture, not pop culture. She tries to tell Tony about all the historical sights, but Tony just wants to make a joke about French toast. Carmela humors Tony for a moment, and then asks about the kids. Tony reports that Meadow doesn't know how to live in the real world, and that AJ might as well be French since he doesn't like to work (his words, not mine). Carmela says that she misses him, and Tony shares the sentiment before hanging up.

Tony returns to his conversation with Sil, who thinks that people are going to expect a response to Vito getting whacked. Tony is concerned because "Joe Bananas went after Carlo Gambino; made guys got killed; the war went seven years." Tony, ever the businessman, points out that if the guys are distracted by a war, they won't be out earning. Sil asks what Tony thinks they should do. Tony points out that Phil only cares about money, and asks whether Phil still has "that wire room in Sheepshead Bay." And I'm going to assume that will pay off later, because that's the last we hear about this wire room in the episode.

AJ sits looking at his laptop in his room wearing his underwear, IMing with someone and giggling. He looks more like a child than a young man. Tony witnesses this and looks disgusted.

In Paris, Rosalie flirts with a French dude. Carmela asks with annoyance whether she's about done. Rosalie gets the guy's number before he takes off on his motorcycle. Inside the museum, Rosalie can't stop talking about her new friend. Carmela can't believe Rosalie is actually going to go out with the guy, who's twenty-six-years-old. I would be more worried about going out in a strange city with a complete stranger, but maybe I'm a worrywart. They come across a lovely necklace from 1350 AD, and Carmela comments that a woman just like them probably wore it. Yeah, she probably bought it with cash from her "Louie Vittoon" wallet.

Carmela and Ro visit the ruins of some ancient baths. They walk around and notice that the ruins are sitting right next to a busy Parisian street. Carmela marvels over the age of the city, and how many people have lived there. This leads Carmela to think about the night in the hospital when Tony asked, "Who am I? Where am I going?" Carmela feels like the visit to Paris has made her question her own life. As Rosalie digs out her camera, Carmela starts crying and says that she feels insignificant and like her life doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Rosalie hugs her and hums a song to cheer her up.

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