Cold Stones

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Cold Stones

Carmela and Rosalie eat dinner in a fancy restaurant. Carmela says that life goes on after you die, and Rosalie thinks Carmela is getting pretty philosophical. Carmela looks prettier in Paris than she has in a long time. Rosalie turns the conversation to shopping. Carmela pauses, and then asks Ro about lighting the candles at the church, and how they were for Jackie and Jackie Jr. Carm wants Rosalie to talk about Jackie Jr.'s death, but they're interrupted by the arrival of their meals. Carmela brings it up again when the waiters leave, saying that she's there for Ro if she wants to talk. Rosalie is silent, and Carmela keeps talking to fill the space. Finally, Ro says with frustration that they're on vacation and she doesn't want to talk about it because it's morbid. She feels that her son is dead and gone and all she can do is light a candle and picture him in heaven. Ro just wants to forget about Jersey and have a good time on vacation. Carmela apologizes, and Rosalie adds that she's going out with her new friend tonight. After a moment, she relents and invites Carm along, but Carm wants to walk along the Seine one more time.

Carlo cooks up some sauce in the back room at the Bing while Silvio uses a Dustbuster in the corner. A guy from the New York crew named Dom shows up to hand over a payment to Silvio, who invites him to stay and eat with them. Dom can't stay, but he sits down to visit for a minute anyway. He expresses his condolences for the loss of Vito, and then smacks the paper he was reading and says, "Syracuse! Tanked again." Shout-out? Anyway, Dom decides that it would be a good idea to start cracking jokes about Vito's death, but he goes over the line when he says that they found a hankie with Carlo's lipstick on it in Vito's pocket. He is so picking on the wrong guy. Carlo kind of lets it go, but Dom won't, and he keeps saying that people from Jersey are gay, and finally hits the last straw when he says, "Carlo's lipstick was on Vito's cock." Which isn't even clever, but it's enough to make Sil whack Dom in the head with his Dustbuster. Sil and Carlo start beating the crap out of Dom, and finally Carlo grabs a knife and stabs Dom in the gut many, many times. Sil jumps on Dom's back to keep him off Carlo, which is hilarious, and finally Dom falls backwards onto the table, dead. And then his cell phone rings. Sil realizes what they just did, and curses before going over to lock the door. He orders Carlo to call the guys and say that they had to leave due to a broken pipe, so no one will show up for the planned dinner. Then, they'll get rid of Dom's body after the store closes. Carlo thinks that they should cut Dom up in the work area, but Sil says with DNA evidence now, they can't chance it, so they should get some bleach.

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