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Soprano Manor. The Suburban pulls up in front of the house, and Carmela greets Tony and Meadow in the kitchen with, "Oh, here they are, the two Ivy Leaguers," and she hugs Meadow and offers her something to eat, but Meadow takes a pass and goes to call Hunter. Tony busses Carmela on the cheek. Carmela gripes, "Jeez, she spared me no boring detail," and Meadow hears her from upstairs and drones, "I'll be back," and Tony stands next to the fridge and rubs his eyes. Carmela's surprised he's so beat, and she rambles on about the gorgeousness of New England, and he comments that she still sounds nasal but looks better, and asks if there's any cold pasta. "There was some ziti, but it all got eaten," she tells him, studying the counter. "The whole tray? From last Sunday?" Tony asks in disbelief, then realizes, "Monsignor Jughead was here." Carmela says coldly, "If you're referring to Father Intintola, yes he was." After a moment, she gets in another dig: "He spent the night here." Tony grunts. "Okay," Carmela says, and reaches for a section of the newspaper, but Tony finally catches his snap and asks, "The priest spent the night here? What happened?" "Nothing," Carmela shrugs. "Where was Anthony?" Tony wants to know. "He was, uh, sleepin' over at Jason's," Carmela says, tossing her bangs out of her face. Oh, man -- buy a vibrator already, Carmela, for chrissake.

Tony reviews: "The priest spent the night here...nothing happened...and you're telling me this because..." Carmela says matter-of-factly that Tony might hear something and take it the wrong way: "His car was out front all night." Yeah, you wish he'd take it the wrong way, honey. ["I think she is the one who wants to take it the wrong way. If you know what I mean. And I think you do." -- Wing Chun] Tony calls it "too fucked up" to think about any further and asks what the two of them did for twelve hours, "play 'Name That Pope'?" Heh. Carmela says in a self-righteous tone that Father Phil gave her communion. "Oh, I'll bet he gave you communion," Tony cracks. "Excuse me?" Carmela snaps.

Then my copy of this episode cuts to a shot of a bear roaring, so I don't know what happens next for sure, but I believe that Carmela tells Tony that his psychiatrist called, and lets him know that she now knows that Melfi is a woman. Until next time...

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