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Christopher, playing pool at Bada Bing. He flubs a shot when the phone rings, and when he picks up, it's Tony: "Take down this number and call me back." "Now?" Christopher objects. "It's pouring down." Tony ignores him and reads off the number.

At the house, AJ comes into Carmela's room with breakfast on a tray. Carmela says, in mangled Franglish, that room service has arrived, adding, "Thank you, kind sir." Shut up, Carmela. AJ sits in a chair as Carmela rolls a hard-boiled egg around the plate with her fork and looks sick. "You said poached eggs," AJ grouses. "You're not going to eat them now, after all that work." See what they did there? "I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach," Carmela lies, and AJ sighs as she moves the tray aside. Carmela suggests that he go over to Jason's house, an idea AJ greets with visible relief, and he takes off, saying he'll "be back in like an hour." Carmela sighs and looks lonely.

Christopher drives through the pouring rain to a phone booth and calls Tony back, cursing the whole time. Tony picks up: "Hey. I'm not sure, but I think I just saw Fabian Petrulio." "Refresh my memory," an already-drenched Christopher says, and Tony reminds him that Petrulio flipped about ten years ago when he got pinched for selling heroin. Apparently, Petrulio ratted out a lot of people, including a bunch from Tony's "outfit," and Tony's father was sick at the time and "never recovered when he heard the news." "Up in Maine? What the fuck?" Christopher asks, and Tony says Petrulio went into the witness protection program but got booted, so now he goes to colleges and gives lectures on the subject of "what a big bad Mafioso he was." Also, Petrulio and Jackie Aprile used to know each other; they did time together, and Petrulio made a bust of Frank Sinatra for Jackie that Jackie kept in his rec room. Christopher recalls the bust and comments that Petrulio could have used a little help with the lips. This is what we recappers like to call Overly Picaresque Wealth Of Detail Used To Pad A Show's Running Time. Anyway, Tony tells Christopher to run Petrulio's plates, and he gets off the phone in a hurry because Meadow is looming. Christopher, sopping wet, splashes back to his car. Meadow asks suspiciously, "What's wrong with the phone in your room?" Tony says nothing; he "was takin' a walk" and thought he'd call Christopher. "Everything okay?" she asks, and he tells her that "they got a leak in the roof" and teasingly asks if that's okay with her, and they go into the motel, joking around.

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