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Just like The Godfather, but without the monkey

And for the first time in a dozen paragraphs, we stay in Italy. Tony and Annalisa are visiting some famous monument. It's an oracle, which she describes as being the second most popular after Delphi, and before SQL servers. Tony reads from the little tourist plaque that men would come to the Oracle so that "women would deliver their fates." Sounds like Tony's life, all right. Annalisa leads him inside, and Tony asks her for a premonition. She says that he has someone in his life, "perhaps a wife? A girlfriend?" Tony says he has both, but cracks on her psychic power because that's not what he was thinking of. She says there's someone else, someone he "wants to fuck." Tony thinks Melfi, and gets all defensive. "You don't want to fuck her?" asks Annalisa. "You don't want to fuck me?" Tony replies, "I don't shit where I eat," and I think that sets a new MBTV record for swear words in a paragraph. I'm sorry, people. They said it. So don't fucking complain to me. Anyway, Tony seems sincere in his desire to not mix business with pleasure. There's some more negotiation, and Tony finally agrees to lower the price of the cars in exchange for Furio. They shake on the deal.

JFK. The airport, not the President. Pussy picks them up. Paulie enthuses about how great Italy was, and while he did make a fool out of himself, he also seemed to be genuinely having a good time getting back to his roots, so I can't knock him too much. Tony is pleased with how the business turned out, but pissed that Christopher is in the duty-free shop buying a gift for Adrianna. Apparently Chris never even left the hotel the whole time they were there. That depression is really getting to him. He'd better be careful, or he could end up getting shot or something. As they drive away from the airport, we get lots of Jersey establishing shots, letting us know that we're not in Naples anymore.

Finally, Tony arrives at the house. He opens the door and calls out, "I'm home." Push in on Carmela as she looks up and tries to decide how she feels about all this. Me, I feel pretty good about it. How about you?

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