Denial, Anger, Acceptance

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Denial, Anger, Acceptance

"He didn't even know I was there," Tony tells Melfi sadly. "It's just him and that fucking cancer." Pause. "It's like he's already gone." "Yes," Melfi whispers. Tony blinks back tears, then says more brightly, "Somebody called me a Frankenstein today." Melfi prompts him to go on, and Tony explains that "this Hasid I'm doing business with...these Hasids, they're out there, you know, but they've got their beliefs. They're not afraid of death. This guy wasn't." Melfi posits that "maybe they have the belief because they are afraid." Tight close-up on Tony as he says he's not afraid of death, "not if it's for something," but in Jackie's case, "to see this strong, beautiful man...just wither away to nothing...he can't do nothin' about it. You can't fight it." Melfi: "Do you envy the Hasids and their beliefs?" Tony says something about "all this shit's for nothing" and blah blah blah what's-the-pointcakes, and Melfi says that that's the mystery of God "or whatever you want to call it," and of why human beings know we're going to die. Heavy, man. Tony puts his hands to his head, sniffles back tears again, and says he doesn't know. Melfi leans forward and asks intensely, "Do you feel like Frankenstein?" Silence. "Like a thing? Lacking humanity, lacking human feelings?" He fixes her with one of his patented skeptical looks. "All Through The Night" fades in over the end of the scene...

...and we cut to Meadow's chorus concert. Tony comes in late, stops in the aisle to gaze lovingly at his daughter, and sits beside Carmela, who doesn't acknowledge him.

Cut to Christopher getting an ice cream. As he unwraps the cone, two guys come out of nowhere to flank him, and they start quietly pounding on him as he struggles.

Back to the concert. Smiling beneficently, Tony takes Carmela's hand and puts it in the crook of his arm. A shot of Meadow and Hunter in their (actually, quite pretty) chorus outfits; as we go into the piano bridge, Carmela stiffly withdraws her hand and wipes her nose without looking at Tony.

Cut to a pier, where Christopher yells "let me go, what're you guys doing" about a hundred times as the thugs drag him, tied up, across the wet planks. They take out their guns and cock the hammers, and Christopher hollers that he knows they're friends with Tony's goomah, they have to listen to him, he had to give Meadow the crystal or she would have gone down to Jefferson Avenue and gotten raped and beaten up, "I don't wanna die now I didn't mean it I'm sorry," on and on with the wailing and sobbing, and the one thug pulls the Christopher's eyes snap open and the thug crosses himself with the gun, and they kick him over on his side and leave him there and walk off laughing, and he lies on the ground crying and shouting, "Fuck!" and trying to untie himself

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