Denial, Anger, Acceptance

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Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Cut to a close-up of Hunter -- ouch -- and as we go into another piano bridge, Hunter shoots Meadow a knowing look, which Meadow returns. The two of them look kind of cranked out, but I can't tell for sure. Meadow comes in on cue and does a passable job, as does Hunter. Tony winces sadly but looks proud of her. Another shot of the girls...

...and cut to Brendan in the bathtub, smoking. Fortunately, no nudity. He opens his eyes to see Mikey standing there with a gun and delivering the hopelessly cheesy line, "Hi, Jack. Bye, Jack." Brendan starts to protest. Close-up of his eye widening; close-up of the barrel of the gun silencer discharging; close-up of Brendan's foot twitching in the throes of death. Artsy shot of Brendan's hand in the tub, the cigarette floating next to it and a plume of blood curling through the water below. Mikey leaves the bathroom, walking past Junior, who looks pleased.

Back to the concert, with Hunter and Meadow in a duet to finish the song. Tony looks weepy, but at the end, he smiles. End credits.

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