Denial, Anger, Acceptance

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Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Paulie and Silvio saunter up the front walk of the motel. Inside, we see the son-in-law, Ariel, giving orders to a Latino member of the maintenance staff, winding up with, "And no cervezas, please." Paulie and Silvio walk in, and Silvio rings the bell at the front desk. After a little of the old can-I-help-you-that-depends-who-are-you-that-depends, Silvio tells Ariel with much expressive hand gesturing that they want to talk to him about the problem he's having with his father-in-law; Ariel tells him that it's "none of your matter, so get outta here." Silvio sets his jaw and explains that "Shlomo is a friend of mine," and Ariel comes back with, "And you're bragging this?" which cracks Silvio and Paulie up, and Ariel goes on to say that they "couldn't possibly understand what's going on here," calling Shlomo "an arrogant, ignorant control freak" and saying that he's built the motel up from nothing and Shlomo owes him, "and I intend to get what's mine, so -- please, don't embarrass yourselves further."

Paulie looks up from his paper and says mildly to Silvio, "I'm not embarrassed -- you embarrassed?" Then Paulie grabs Ariel and slams his face into the counter; he and Silvio hold Ariel down, and he tells Ariel to give Shlomo what he wants "and forget this fifty percent shit," because he's got nothing coming to him, "nothing!" Silvio tells Paulie to "say bubkes," because that means "nothing" in Yiddish; Paulie stares at him for a second before spitting, "Fuck that. This is how I say 'nothing,'" and he picks up the front-desk bell and starts pounding Ariel in the head with it. Ding! Ding! Ding ding ding!

In the bedroom, Carmela tells Tony that she's decided to hire Charmaine Bucco to cater a pediatric hospital fund-raiser she's having at the house; her tone implies that she's doing Charmaine a big favor. Tony complains about hosting the fund-raiser and gripes, "Since when do we open our house to strangers?" Carmela says sarcastically that he's right, they should just move back to Italy and live in a tiny hill town and pour boiling oil on all the travelers that knock at the gate, all while tickling Tony's feet; he doesn't laugh. The sound of rap music comes through the wall, and Tony pounds on the wall above the headboard and yells, "Come on!" "Poor Charmaine," Carmela goes on, stroking Tony's leg. "I tried to find nice things to say about that house." Tony doesn't think it's that bad, it just needs a little work. "Those two are so broke...that fire," Carmela says. "If insurance would get off its ass," Tony snarls, and Carmela asks all innocently, "Do you think it could have been arson?" "What the hell's the matter with you?" Tony snaps, then pounds on the wall again and yells, "Aaaayyyy!" in the direction of the music. Carmela gets up.

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