Denial, Anger, Acceptance

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Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Adriana lets the girls out and tells Christopher he can't let them go down to Jefferson Avenue. Christopher scoffs that they won't go down there, not really -- Meadow only said that because she wants him to give her the speed. Adriana thinks it's better that they get the drugs from Christopher than the "poison" they'd get on the streets. Christopher stares at her. Brendan, doing a back-flip on the chin-up bar, says portentously, "Kids. You think you can protect 'em. But you can't." Shut up, Brendan.

Jackie's watching TV when Tony comes in; Jackie asks what he's doing there so late. AJ stepped on a nail, Tony says, so he had to come in for a tetanus shot. Jackie asks what happened "with the Jew at the motel." Tony says all Mr. Euphemism that "we reached out to him, he wasn't receptive -- they're going back." Just then, a nurse -- or, more accurately, a stripper in a too-tight nurse's get-up -- comes in, ostensibly looking for her pen. Tony makes to leave as Jackie says that he thinks she's got the wrong room; over his protests, she reels off a bunch of single entendres (tm Wing Chun) about "making up the bed" and "checking some vitals" while rummaging around under the covers and grabbing his goolies. Tony pointedly exclaims over the flower arrangement. The "nurse" reaches over Jackie to "check his IV" while draping her breasts across his face, and when she finishes, her boobs have popped right out of the outfit. Jackie stares at her, looking terrified and delighted at the same time, as she makes "oh, excuse me" noises and asks if she can borrow one of his gowns, and as Tony shoos a real nurse out of the room in the background ("it's okay, it's a private party"), the stripper nurse starts peeling off her nurse's kit, and Jackie guffaws when he finally realizes what's going on. Tony laughs and yells that he "got" Jackie. More merriment when the stripper tells him to "relax, Mr. Aprile -- it's time for your sponge bath." Tony leaves them alone. The stripper and Jackie start smooching. A dying man's got a right to skeeve around with hookers, I guess, but still -- poor Rosalie.

Cut to Melfi sitting stiffly through the end of the story as Tony says he came back to Jackie's room later on and they all hung out with "a little booze." Melfi, trying to spin it positively: "That was nice of you to have a [tiny pause] party for your friend." Tony doesn't respond, looking around the room at Melfi's diploma. After a moment, he says, "Tufts Medical're a doctor. What do you think? About Jackie?" She'd have to know more about his condition. Tony says a little impatiently that he already told her about Jackie's condition: "He's got cancer." What kind of cancer, she asks. Intestinal -- he had a tumor; they took it out; it's recurred. Melfi thought Tony said Jackie might go home: "They're not operating?" "Well, it's next to something vital," Tony says, realizing as he says it what that must mean. "I see." "You see," Tony repeats. From what he's telling her, Melfi doesn't think it sounds very good. Tony gets annoyed: "From what I'm telling you. Well, what the fuck do I know, I'm not a doctor." "You're angry -- who with?" Melfi shoots back. Tony snarls that Jackie has had chemo every day for three weeks and hasn't lost his hair, he hasn't lost a single hair, so Melfi shouldn't tell Tony how it sounds, because she doesn't know Jackie, and she doesn't know Tony, and she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. Huh. Ohhhh-kay. Melfi says that he's getting closer to his true feelings "about what's really going on here." Tony snaps that he just told her his true feelings. Melfi points out that he described the tree in the painting as rotted out, but "there's nothing in that picture to indicate that." Tony grouses that he knew the picture "was a fucking scam." Melfi won't back down: "Remember your dream? The ducks? It took on another meaning." She asks what happens to trees that rot. Well, we can consider that nerve hit: "Trees, ducks -- what the fuck are you, Ranger Rick?" Tony gets out of his chair, yelling something about how shrinks accuse their patients of lying while they pull scams on their patients themselves, winds up with "Fuck you!" and storms out of the office.

At Soprano Manor, caterers walk past with sprays of flowers while Carmela is on the phone, trying to straighten out the benefit guest list. Christopher comes in and slinks up the stairs behind her; Carmela sees him disappearing around the corner of the landing, and she looks after him suspiciously but doesn't get off the phone right away.

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