Do Not Resuscitate

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House Party

We open with Tony visiting Uncle Junior in jail. Junior sits down, and nobody says anything for a few minutes. Uncle Jun and Tony pick up their phones, and Tony bitches through the glass that it took Jun three weeks to put him on his visitors list. Junior tells Tony to be careful. He says that they listen to everything. Tony says there's nothing wrong with a nephew visiting his uncle. Junior says he has nothing to say to Tony. "So many tragedies and near tragedies to those close to you." Junior says that things could have gone the other way. "Yeah, but they didn't," Tony says with a snort. Junior tells Tony that his mother had nothing to do with this. "She's dead to me," Tony breathes. Junior says that Livia is a good woman. Tony is furious and says that she made "an asshole" out of Junior and that's what's killing him. It's killing him to know that people are talking about him. Junior says that the rumors aren't half as bad as the ones floating around the prison about Tony. "That Tony Soprano likes to fluff up his mother's pillow so she can get a nice, long sleep." Junior tells Tony to make peace with Livia. He says it'll be good for all of them. Tony says, "No fucking way," and tells Junior to send Bacala out tomorrow so he can talk to him. Junior wants to know why, but Tony hangs up the phone on him.

At a construction site, a protest has gathered. A black man shouts on his megaphone that the unions aren't hiring enough black workers for these construction jobs. He says there are sixty-five joint-fitters on that construction site, and not one of them is black. He says his father put his life on the line for his country. Someone helps his father up to the megaphone. He says that his father fought in WWII, and when he came home, he had to fight another war at home. His father gets on the megaphone and said they spilled their blood in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq, but they never get work once they get home. The white joint-fitters look on quietly as the protestors begin to chant, "No more!" The old man asks if Masserone Construction Company can hear them. They shout that they want jobs. The white men walk away as the crowd continues to cheer.

Meadow passes Tony in the driveway. Janice walks out and shouts that she's about to go visit "she whose name must not be uttered," and wanted to know if Meadow wanted to come along. Tony listens but doesn't say anything. Meadow says she can't visit her grandmother right now because she has to study her French. Meadow walks off, and Tony yells to Janice that he needs to talk to her. "What the fuck you doing with that real estate sign?" he asks her. He shouts that she has to go and put the sign back up because he's selling the house. "End of discussion!" Janice laughs and calls Tony "left brain." She says that the house is still for sale even if the sign isn't up. Janice explains that her friend Cathy is in real estate and would like to be in charge of selling the house. She won't take as big of a cut, and they could make more money off of the sale if they do it. Janice says that their mother could probably use an extra couple thousand dollars. Tony ends the conversation with a "fuck her," and then tells Janice that she has to park the car in the street from now on. He says that his house isn't her hotel.

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