Do Not Resuscitate

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House Party

Carmela answers the phone. It's Livia. Carmela says she's going to hang up. Livia says she's calling now because she knows "Johnny's at work." Carmela says that his name is Anthony. Livia says she's calling to let Carmela know that she's leaving all of her money to the kids. "Your kids and Barbara's kids." She starts crying, saying that she had three children and that she did a "pretty good job" with two of them. Carmela isn't taking any shit and says, "They are all unhappy." Heh. Livia warns Carmela about Janice being "a real snake in the grass." Carmela complains that Janice has "no work ethic," which cracks me up. That's Carm's biggest complaint about Janice? Livia tries to keep talking about what to do if anything should happen to her, but Carmela hangs up on her.

Tony shows up at Uncle Junior's house, and Bacala lets him in. Uncle Junior says he doesn't need an ambulance. He can't even move off the couch. Tony says they're going to the emergency room. Uncle Junior says he's fine. Tony says they should go down there and make sure. Uncle Junior passes out right there. Tony wakes him up. Jun says he doesn't want an ambulance. Tony says he'll drive; all three of them will go. Jun asks for help up. Tony asks if he can walk. Bacala says, "I think he broke his hip." Uncle Junior hisses, "Oh, fuck you!" Tony picks Junior up and carries him in his arms. It's right here that you can see just how small Uncle Junior is. Uncle Junior says, "Anthony, don't let me go to the grave with this guilt." Tony: "Now, listen to me, you old prick. You aren't going anywhere." Uncle Junior asks Tony again to make peace with his mother. Tony doesn't say anything. He carries Uncle Junior out the door as we fade to black.

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