Do Not Resuscitate

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House Party

A nurse checks up on Livia. Livia asks for some strawberry ice cream. She says they can't expect her to eat the tapioca. As the nurse leaves, she runs into Janice. "She cracks me up," she tells Janice. Janice walks in. "I can't believe it. It's my daughter from California." Janice reminds Livia that she lives in Seattle, and Livia asks Janice if she'd like some tapioca. Beautiful. I love this show. There's nothing to comment on and I'm already ten minutes in. Each scene is just too good to comment on, really. Janice kisses Livia's cheek, and Livia complains that Janice reeks of cigarettes. Janice comments that Livia's all dressed and out of bed, sitting in a chair. Livia shows Janice her hand. It's bruised from the IVs. Janice tells her that's how they make her better. "You don't care," Livia says quietly. "You weren't here five minutes." Janice explains that she had to go into the city for a few days. She's working on a self-help video. Livia isn't listening and instantly starts in, telling Janice that she could never stand it here. She's got one arm out and her game face on, ready for the fight. Janice asks to not fight. Livia starts shouting that nobody knew what she went through in her marriage. She starts crying and says that it'd kill him if he saw her now. The nurse comes back in with the ice cream, and Livia is crying. She asks to be left alone. She asks them to open the window and push her out. Janice isn't buying into any of this, and Ma's so good at playing the martyr that it looks like she's got some ungrateful children and that she's the saddest mother in the world. The nurse asks what happened, and Janice says she just started crying. Livia yells that she knows Janice is only there to take her house. She says she hopes Janice has children of her own someday and they treat her just like this. If I had a nickel for every time I've heard my mother use that expression, I wouldn't have to have credit cards. Ma keeps crying, saying that she gave her children everything. "This is bullshit," Janice says, and takes off. Ma keeps on crying as the nurse comforts her.

Tony meets some guy in a parking lot. Tony is wearing a white striped short-sleeve sweater. It's quite ugly. He asks the guy to walk and talk with him. The guy complains about the activists, so I assume he's with Masserone Construction. He says the activists have been there for three days now, and they're starting to affect production. Tony asks who the leader is, and the guy tells him it's this reverend. Tony reminds him that the joint-fitters union is under Uncle Junior's jurisdiction. The guy says he knows, but he was hoping that Tony could pave the way for him to talk to Uncle Junior and that maybe he could send some guys down in the meantime. Tony says it'll cost him. They haggle figures. Tony says he'll see what he can do. "In the meantime, call Animal Control," he says.

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