Do Not Resuscitate

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House Party

Soprano house. Dinnertime. Everyone sits quietly around the table until Carmela asks if everyone took a vow of silence. She asks if anyone has anything to report. AJ says that he has to write a report on DNA for biology. Hee. This is back when AJ's so damn cute. Carmela feigns interest and says that she just saw a news magazine show about how there will be no more unknown soldiers because of DNA testing. Tony asks for the macaroni and cheese. Janice immediately starts up about Ma. She complains that Livia is "impossible." She goes on about how Ma's such a narcissist. "I mean, really, kudos," she says. "You are a saint." Tony stuffs food in his face and says he doesn't want to talk about it. Meadow asks if they're talking about her grandmother. Janice goes on about Livia's ability to push buttons as Carmela gives Tony a warning look. Tony throws down his fork and pouts as he chews. Meadow watches her father. Janice stops talking and whispers, "Excuse moi." Tony says that this is his house. "Thank you, Il Duce," Meadow drones. Tony asks Meadow if she has something to say, reminding her that she might want to borrow the car sometime in the next hundred years. Meadow doesn't say anything back. Janice says that she was insensitive to Tony's feelings. Tony thanks her. Carmela comments on how it wasn't that hard for the two of them to be civil to each other just then. Janice calls Tony "Mr. Delegated Power Of Attorney" and asks if he's given any thought to the house. She asks if her girlfriend can have the listing. Tony says he doesn't care as long as the house gets sold. Janice sips her wine quietly. AJ cuts in with, "Hey! What did one prick say to the other prick?" Carmela immediately starts in on Tony: "You see? You see what happens with you cursing at the dinner table?" Tony looks down at his food.

Green Grove. There's an empty parking space. Close-up on the parking space. The sign reads, of course, "Frederic Capuano. Director Geriatric Services."

Cut to a policeman finding an abandoned car. The door of the car is open, and the keys are still inside. The car is beeping, so the battery is still working. There's nobody inside the car. The cop takes the keys and walks around the car. He finds a toupee behind the car tire.

Meadow and Janice are in the car. Meadow thanks Janice for taking her out. She says it's hard to find people over twenty-five willing to go out with her so she can practice driving. Janice says Meadow can't tell anyone that she had her drive out to buy some pot. Janice says that pot should be legal; it's the only thing that helps with her hands. She comments that Meadow just ran a stop sign. Meadow isn't listening and takes this moment to bitch about her father. She says she hates the way he talks to her. Janice says he's insecure: "He's afraid to leave New Jersey and he's threatened by anyone who's broken free." Meadow says he's pathetic. Janice asks about Livia in the retirement center. Meadow says she wants to go and visit her, but she's been so busy with homework and all of the community service stuff she's doing for her college apps. Janice asks what Livia is into. "Negativity?" Meadow cracks. She tells Janice that Tony used to bring her records by these old sisters. Janice remembers that it's the DeCastro sisters that Livia likes. "The Andrews Sisters would have been too easy," she drones. Meadow says that Tony used to bring her "that Mario Lasagna guy." Janice says she hated that shit. Meadow laughs. Janice schemes.

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