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Out in the hallway, the nurse brings up the fact that there's no DNR for Livia on file. It means "Do Not Resuscitate," and it's for when there's no quality of life left for the patient. She says that the family might want to think about it. From the other room, Livia calls Janice, asking for her glasses.

Back at the Soprano home, Tony tries to program his VCR while Janice asks him for a decision on the DNR. Tony's only half listening, as he's having problems programming the VCR. AJ listens in from the kitchen. Tony says he doesn't care about the DNR. Janice asks what happens when Livia goes into a coma and has to be kept alive on tubes and machines because Tony didn't sign a DNR. Tony screams that when Livia goes into a coma, she isn't "gonna give a fuck about anything." Janice gets quiet and says that he's depriving Livia of a place to live, and depriving Janice of a chance to make peace with her. Tony jumps up and tells Janice that she can have Livia. He says it'll be worth it just to watch. "It'll be like 'Whatever Happened To Baby Janice' over there." Hee. Tony walks off as Janice smiles. AJ is laughing.

Carmela is plucking her eyebrows as Meadow asks for the keys. Carm says that the license isn't for traipsing around on school nights. Meadow brats that she was going to take AJ to see their grandmother, but if she'd rather drive them, that's fine. Carm says they can go see Livia, but "no funny business." Meadow snits about the "level of trust" in the family.

Commence funny business. In the hospital elevator, Meadow tells AJ that she'll meet up with him later. He's all, "No way," and Meadow tells him that Hunter is upstairs in "eating disorders" again. He says he'll tell on her, and she threatens to not take him driving in the IBM parking lot next weekend. Meadow wins.

Livia's happy to see AJ and stops watch Emeril long enough to welcome him in. She kisses him and pinches his cheek. She says she thought he was Janice. She says that Janice comes over every day to play pinochle. "Daughters take better care of their mothers, that's why," she says. AJ says that he thinks Janice is at home. Livia asks if AJ rode over on his bicycle. He says that Meadow drove him, but he doesn't know where she is. Livia calls Meadow "another one." She calls AJ "Johnny" and says that "they" don't care what happens to you. She tells him to have a candy. He says he doesn't like them. She tells him to have one. He does. Livia complains that Emeril isn't washing his hands before he cooks. AJ asks what DNR is. He says he knows what DNA is, but he doesn't understand how it prevents you from going into a coma. Livia asks if Janice wanted her to have a DNR. AJ says that Janice was asking Tony to give her one. Livia schemes as AJ eats his candy.

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