Down Neck

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Down Neck

Later, in the master bedroom, Tony and Carmela get ready for bed. Did you ever notice that, on TV, couples always go to bed at the same time? Does that ever happen in real life? I don't think I've ever gone to sleep at the same time as one of my boyfriends -- either one of us stayed up reading and watching TV or the other one did, but we never just declared, "Bedtime!" and clambered into bed in our PJs, even after a night of drinking. ["In our house, Glark's usually going to bed as I'm getting up." -- Wing Chun] Anyhow, Tony comes out of the bathroom and says, "Some fuckin' day, huh?" Carmela, putting on hand lotion, says she feels like a bomb went off. Yeah, it did -- in your hairdryer, so get thee to a hot oil, Carmela. Tony sits heavily on the bed and says he's never seen any of the stuff in AJ that the doctor talked about. Carmela asks, "You never noticed the way he picks at the tongue of his tennis shoe? Like he can't help himself." "If he even has this thing," Tony grunts. "Something's goin' on," Carmela sighs. Yeah -- he's in eighth grade! His life sucks! He's having wet dreams and growing like a weed! Ground him and get on with your lives! God! "Carm," Tony asks, "you think he knows?" "I don't know," Carmela shrugs, letting her hair down from its claw clip. "She knows." Carmela climbs into bed. Tony has a micro-flashback to Meadow in the car, asking if he's in the Mafia, and asks Carmela, "Really? What makes you say that?" Micro-flashback. Carmela says that Meadow says things and "makes remarks, like this today with him," that lead her to believe Meadow knows. Micro-flashback. "She talk to you? About me?" Tony asks. "Talk? To me? Pffff," Carmela scoffs. Tony smiles. Carmela fiddles with her rings and asks, "Something happen on that college trip?" Yet another micro-flashback, this one to Tony strangling Petrulio. "'Happen'?" he repeats. Micro-flashback of the garrote. "Like what?" Micro-flashback of Petrulio struggling. "I don't know -- she seemed peculiar when she got back." Carmela turns her head on the pillow to look at Tony; he micro-flashbacks to getting Petrulio on the ground and finishing him off, but says only, "Pretty soon we're gonna have to -- you know, talk to her. About the business." Carmela agrees that the two of them should sit down with Meadow and "talk as a family." "And with him, we'll get the tests and we'll see what's what. Right?" Carmela doesn't answer, just looks worried. Tony leans over and kisses her goodnight, then rolls back to his side of the bed and lies there looking sad for a moment before turning out the light.

Melfi's office. Tony acknowledges that maybe he doesn't want to admit "there's something wrong with my kid," but the ADD still "sounds like bullshit" to him. Melfi asks why, and Tony says that if AJ has a disease, then why did "they" tell Tony to punish AJ: "Doesn't that sound like bullshit?" Melfi admits that "it's a controversial subject." Tony, getting hacked off, wants to know if it's really a disease or just a way "for these psychologists to line their pockets," and Melfi lets him steam for a minute before noting that "many children can really benefit by [sic] professional intervention." "He got in a little trouble," Tony says defensively. Melfi asks if that's "out of the norm" for AJ, and Tony snaps, "No," then says, "I don't know...I mean, what do I know about it?" Melfi asks what he means. Tony asks if he has to spell it out for her. Melfi rephrases: "Do you see his behavior as a reflection of your own?" Tony looks down and doesn't answer for a moment, and you almost can't tell because Melfi's shoulder blocks the shot, but he's picking at the tongue of his shoe. Finally, he repeats that maybe he doesn't want to admit that there's something wrong, "but if he's got this thing, we'll deal with it. If he had polio, we'd deal with it. You pick up the pieces and you go on from there. So that's what we're gonna do." Melfi, whose hair has morphed into a Brenda-from-first-season-90210 fright wig between the previous shot of her and this one, nods slowly and asks if he has anything else he wants to say on the subject; Tony shakes his head and heaves a deep sigh. Melfi reluctantly brings up the fact that, at their last session, Tony said he had "intimate feelings for" her, but he hasn't mentioned it this time. "'Intimate feelings'? I think I said I was in love," Tony grumps. "How are you doing with it?" she asks. Tony shifts uncomfortably in his chair and, without looking at her, says he can't turn off his feelings just because Melfi says it's a by-product of therapy; Melfi never told him he should do that. Tony thinks about that, then tells Melfi, "Well, I already got a girlfriend." He begins to leer, apparently in an effort to get a rise out of Melfi: "She's Russian. Twenty-four." When he says "twenty-four," he makes a pumping motion with his fist. Ew. Melfi just blinks impassively at him, and Tony finds himself all sleazed up with nowhere to go, which embarrasses him, so he asks Melfi meanly, "How old are you?" Melfi blinks again and says she finds it interesting that it took him so long to tell her he had a girlfriend. "How are you doing with it?" he mocks her. She arches an eyebrow all "nice try, humble layperson." Tony in turn clears his throat all "damn, tough crowd" and changes the subject back to AJ, asking if she thinks he should go easy on AJ for now, or push him harder. "Well, that's difficult to say," Melfi says. "You want a raise, maybe? Figure this out?" Tony jokes.

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