Down Neck

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Down Neck

Melfi's office. "I'm goin' crazy with this shit -- what he knows, what he doesn't know. He's gonna find out eventually, what difference does it make?" Tony asks testily. He goes on, more quietly, that between him and his father, AJ's ADD is "probably all in the genes, right?" Melfi doesn't say anything. Tony uses Pussy as an example -- and we have The Obligatory Moment Of Confusion And Levity at the mention of his name -- saying that Pussy, a "stone gangster," has three kids, all of whom graduated from high school and two of whom go to Villanova. Melfi asks how Tony accounts for that, but he talks right over her, saying that Leopold and Loeb "cornholed and murdered" a kid for fun, and "their father was a successful businessman [sic], a fuckin' millionaire." Melfi asks if Tony holds his father responsible for what he's become.

Tony answers easily that yeah, sometimes he thinks about how his life would have turned out if his father "hadn't gotten mixed up in" the Mob: "Maybe I'd be sellin' patio furniture in San Diego or some shit." What is with Tony and the patio furniture? Did he suffer childhood trauma at the hands of an umbrella table or something? Melfi reminds him that, last time, they'd talked about how Tony felt when he first discovered his father's "criminal life." Does Tony have any more thoughts on that? Tony fidgets. Melfi reminds him of the dream he related to her when he first started therapy, the one about the ducks flying away with his penis, and asks if AJ finding out about Tony's underworld ties is "the terrible thing" the dream seemed to allude to. Tony tells her in a strange breathless voice, "Look, if you know something, please -- quit fuckin' around." Melfi says she thinks it's important to remember, adding that Tony has said he likes the History Channel, and he who doesn't understand history is doomed to repeat it: "Let's talk about your father." Tony stares at her dully: "My father."

Flashback fun times! Li'l Tony, playing catch in the front yard. A little girl in a pink Sunday dress runs down the front steps, and he turns to stare at her; a baseball almost hits him in the head. "Heads up!" yells Uncle Junior.

Flash forward. "Why are you smiling?" "Just thinkin' about my uncle," and how he used to throw the ball with Tony. "The one with whom you have all this static?" "Yeah," Tony grins. "He used to practice his curveball out in front of the house...I was probably about eight or nine...and then my sister came out." "The one who lives in California?" "Yeah...Janice," Tony says, in an inscrutable tone. "How does she feel about your parents?" Melfi asks. Tony suddenly gets angry and asks who cares what Janice thinks, "she calls herself 'Vishnamatha' or something, 'Soprano' isn't good enough for her." Melfi, curiously: "Why were you thinking of your uncle?" Tony stonewalls, "I dunno."

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