Down Neck

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Down Neck

Flashback. Tony: "What are you doing?" "I'm getting in the car," Janice says smugly. "Why? Where're you going?" "Someplace," Janice says, getting into the convertible. My brother and I used to annoy each other in that very same way. Johnny jogs down the front steps, and Tony asks if he can come with Johnny and Janice, but Johnny says no; Livia wants Tony to help her get the screens down to the basement. Tony whines, "I wanna go with you guys!" "He said no," Janice snots at Tony, and Johnny tells her to zip it or neither of them can come with him, and he starts the car and pulls out, and Janice gives Tony a victory bird; Tony starts to throw his baseball at the car, but stops himself.

Flash forward. "Go on," Melfi prompts. Tony says that Livia "was inside, cookin' the meat for the gravy -- 'the red lead,' pork bones and veal. It was a Sunday."

Flashback. Livia, cooking and tending to an infant with her hair twisted up in a chignon and an apron on; Tony, nagging her to buy him an electric organ. Livia snaps at him; Tony says that "if Janice wanted it, she'd get it," and whines that he wanted to go with Johnny and Janice. Livia tells him, "That's because your sister does as she's told," and Tony snarks, "Oh, that's right, I forgot. Janice never does anything wrong, she's just perfect, perfect." Livia rounds on him and makes as if to poke him with a meat fork, shrieking, "You're driving me crazy!" Tony, frightened: "No, I'm not."

Flash forward. Melfi: "She said what?" Tony, smiling, calls his mother "very high-strung" and "dramatic."

Flashback to a shot of Livia from below, yelling, "I should stick this fork in your eye!" Tony looks horrified.

Flash forward to Melfi looking equally horrified. Tony tells her, "Well, she wasn't gonna do it," and Melfi makes a "yeah, right" face. "Holy shit, that's why I'm rememberin' all this," Tony realizes. "On account a where they were goin'." "Where were they going?" Melfi asks. Tony says, "I found out a couple a Sundays later."

Flashback to news footage of what looks like the '68 Newark riots. Tony walks past Livia at her ironing board and says he's going down to the CYO to play ball. She tells him to take a bat with him and nods towards the TV: "Look what they're doing down on Springfield Avenue."

Outside, Tony gets into the trunk of his father's convertible, rigs it so he can get out again, and closes himself in just before Janice and Johnny come out of the house. Johnny tells Janice to keep her sticky fingers off the car, "I just waxed the damn thing." Janice asks if she can steer, and Johnny tells her, "Maybe on the way home, honey." Off they go. We see Tony curled up in the trunk, sulking and biding his time.

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