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Mambo Italiano

Johnny comes into a bar in Little Italy (it's at Mulberry and Grand, if you ever find yourself down there -- I don't remember the name, but the bartender makes a mean vodka tonic). Carmine is smoking and sulking about the restaurant vandalism. Johnny asks how he wants to handle it, adding, "We gotta break this guy's back." Carmine didn't want to do this, but he has to: "Call the union." Johnny nods a little too quickly.

At Vesuvio, Carm fills Rosalie Aprile in on Furio's unexpected departure: "We had a date to go to Color Tile." Rosalie cocks an eyebrow: "A date?" "To look at tile for his mother's apartment," Carmela explains. Ro makes a "pfft" face: "Oh." Hee. I know what I said about too many characters before, but I love Ro, and the show uses her just the right way. Anyway, Carm doesn't get it: "No phone call, no note…" She looks at her lap. "I know I sound foolish." Rosalie assures her that she doesn't. Carmela says that when she heard, "I felt like somebody punched me in the stomach. I almost threw up the sacrament." Ro looks concerned as Carm, on the verge of tears, says she doesn't know what she's going to do. Ro tells Carm firmly that there's nothing to do -- "a couple of months, you'll forget all about him," but Carm doesn't know if she can. Something occurs to Ro: "You don't think Tony said somethin' to 'im, do ya?" Carmela bursts into tears and runs from the table.

Post-show meal with Paulie, Mama Walnuts, and the girls. When the doggie bags arrive, the women basically strip the table of rolls and condiments and stuff them into the bags. Heh. The bill arrives, and Paulie doesn't pay for Minn and Cookie, although he "generously" offers to cover parking and gas. What a guy. That leads to a bit of stage business about Minn not having cashed her check, primarily to establish that she doesn't have a bank account and may or may not stash her money in the mattress. Then Paulie accuses Cookie of stealing Mama Walnuts's rolls and behaves ungraciously some more, and Minn glares at him. Whatever.

Esplanade. Guys hammer stuff while a guy whose name I don't know, Wide Guy, and Patsy respectively pick their cuticles, do the crossword, and nap. A flatbed with giant inflated rat on the back (…heh?) rolls up, and out of the lead vehicle emerges a business agent for the union. The foreman barges up to him, and the union agent expositions for his benefit and ours that the site is employing non-union labor, which violates the union's contract. The union agent adds, "Frankly, sir, I'm shocked and appalled." The foreman, however, has lived in New Jersey for more than ten minutes: "Yeah, right. What, are you fucking kidding?" The union agent megaphones, "This site is shut down until further notice!"

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