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Mambo Italiano

On board, the co-pilot hands Cousin Brian a barf baggie, and as they prepare to take off, Furio stares out the window, brows furrowed in misery.

The next day, Tony comes gingerly down the stairs and into the kitchen. Carmela's at the table, just sitting there, but when she hears Tony approach, she quickly grabs a section of the newspaper and feigns engrossment. Tony settles delicately on a stool and cotton-mouths, "Furio come by?" He's already forty minutes late, Carmela says. Tony greets that suspiciously precise answer with a long look before joking that "he's probably worse off than me." Carmela asks if they went out the night before, and in response, Tony grunts, "Can I get a cuppa coffee?" Ordinarily, I'd give him shit for that -- first of all, he's always telling Carm to fix him things and then stomping off without eating or drinking them, much less thanking her, and second of all, he's closer to the coffeepot anyway -- but I have had that exact hangover, and if I recall correctly, praying for death is taking up pretty much all of Tony's energy at the moment, so I'll let it go. Then Tony bitches, "Where the fuck is he?" and Carmela, pouring coffee, asks in an overly chipper tone if Furio went out "with somebody" last night. Tony lowers his eyebrows: "He's a single guy -- how should I know?" Carm hands him the coffee. Tony sniffs it, makes a "nope, can't do it" face, and grunts that he's going back to bed, so don't wake him when Furio gets there. Carmela intently watches him go, and after he's eased himself off the stool and lurched back upstairs, she grabs the cordless to crank-call Furio. The machine picks up after one ring; Furio's not answering, so she hangs up without leaving a message.

Of course, the phone rings two seconds later, but it's not Furio *69-ing her -- it's Meadow. Carm's disappointed, which Meadow picks up on, but Carmela denies it. Meadow invites the fam into town for dinner that Sunday, and fits in a bit of exposition about how she's going skiing in Canada with Finn for "break," so I guess it's springtime in Sopranoland. Carmela offers to make something, but Meadow's doing everything herself, although she does tell her mom to bring wine: "We only drink good wine when parents come." Hmm. I'll have to have a word with my own parents. The Boone's Farm they keep bringing over is starting to rot my tooth enamel. Carmela hangs up and sighs.

Carmela pulls up in front of Furio's house in her car. She looks at the house in the rearview and debates with herself, then closes her eyes, sighs, and pulls away.

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