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Mambo Italiano

At a bar, Johnny Sack pours shots of what looks like grappa. Enter Tony, showered and besuited but still looking fragile, with a red-jacketed Silvio in tow. Hugs all around. Exposition about the restaurant, which opens in a few weeks, and the mural on the wall, a Venetian scene which apparently used to hang in Fiorello LaGuardia's office. The three toast, and Johnny tells Tony it's very important to Carmine that they work something out. "If it's so important, where is he?" Tony snorts. Johnny makes the excuse that Little Carmine is leaving the next day, and Tony's all, "Fine, whatever -- what's the offer?" "Forty percent of the HUD take, across the board, starting now." Hmm. That sounds a lot like the last offer to me. Tony agrees, snarling that LC "said he was gonna take care a this." Silvio pulls a face like Johnny just cut one as Johnny explains that LC did take care of it -- "that's why the concession." "We were at forty a week ago," Silvio snaps, but Johnny explains the difference: whatever they already took in from the HUD deal is theirs to keep, and the forty percent "only applies to future deals." Tony's having none of that, and neither is Silvio's coif, which gleams threateningly. They stomp out, and as Johnny picks up his cigarette from the ashtray and takes a pensive drag, we hear church bells tolling.

In the next scene, Carmela is leaving church when her friend Darlene flags her down to exposition -- er, "thank Carmela for getting her real estate office a listing." What listing, you ask? Furio's house, which just went on the market. Her work done, Darlene goes off to greet another friend. Carmela stands there with her jaw on the ground.

Close-up on a Century 21 "for sale" sign as Carmela's wagon pulls into the driveway in the background. She gets out of the car. Up on the deck, she peeks in through a window. We see her looking in from outside, the shot framing the window, and as she keeps trying to see inside, the camera slowly pulls back through a doorway to show us that the house is completely empty.

More church bells ringing, now at Riverside Church in Morningside Heights. Tony gets out of the Suburban, frowning and talking on his cell phone. Carmela asks what's up, and Tony tells her it's Silvio. He pauses for a second to shake his head all "the hell?" before continuing that, apparently, Furio bolted back to Italy. Carmela makes a perplexed face as Tony grouches that Furio didn't tell anyone, just left a message to that effect on the Bing's answering machine at four-thirty in the morning. Tony hands AJ a crate of Evian and keeps unloading provisions for Meadow from the back of the Suburban, oblivious to Carmela, who's standing on the sidewalk clinging to a bakery box with her face falling in on itself.

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