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Sympathy for the Devil

In a nameless diner somewhere, Melfi places her order (tuna, if you care) and steps to the register to pay. But then she notices the sign on the wall, and it's our old pal Jesus Rossi, the employee of the month. Wow. Great title. She drops her Coke and runs out of the restaurant. Just for the record, the Coke cup is the only obvious product placement this week, so props to HBO for sticking with the otherwise classy vibe we've had so far.

Janice sits in Livia's house, strumming away on an electric guitar. You might not have realized it, but she's playing "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. I had to rewind three times before I finally got it. She hears someone at the door, but when she peeks outside, they start to break in. She runs to the back door, where's she met by a portly Russian thug. He's polite at first, saying, "Give us leg and we go. Repent on yourself or all your base are belong to us." Okay, not that last part. She sasses back that he must not know who her brother is, and he delivers a wicked punch straight to her jaw, sending her spinning into the guitar. Cut to a bus station, where a visibly cowed Janice is opening a locker. "Are you really so callous?" she asks, as she hands over the stolen prosthetic leg.

Since limitations in modern monitor technology prevent me from installing a fish-eye lens through which you can view this paragraph, I'll just have to say up front that this next scene is a dream sequence. Melfi is seated in her office, and the camera (which does have a fish-eye lens installed) pushes in to show a highly distorted view of her at her desk. She hears something, and walks over to the door to the waiting room, which now bears a "High Voltage" warning sign. She opens the door to see herself standing before a giant pink Acme vending machine. I guess that probably would have made the dream sequence thing clear on its own, huh? I also guess I'm not the only one who saw Requiem For A Dream and its malevolent refrigerator, because this one could easily be its long-lost cousin. She drops two pieces of dry macaroni into the slot, but when nothing comes out, she reaches her arm inside and gets stuck. Suddenly, there's a growling dog in the room, menacing her. Before it can get any worse, though, it gets worse, and Jesus Rossi appears, and the sound cuts out as he stares her down. Man, this show has great production values. Sure, ER and West Wing are always buffed and polished to within an inch of technical perfection, but no other show on TV is anywhere near as visually inventive or artistic as The Sopranos. Well, maybe Buffy when Whedon directs, but that's about it. Rossi charges her, but the dog attacks him, and he's thrown to the ground, screaming in pain. Fade up on Melfi in bed, as she looks over to the sleeping Richard.

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