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Sympathy for the Devil

Melfi's office. She limps over to her chair, but she's not using the cane anymore. Most of the bruises on her face have faded as well. Tony tries to be as helpful as possible, pointing out that not only has he started making a log, but he even bought a little notebook to keep it in. He produces said notebook, and then even offers to see a behaviorist if that's really what she wants. Melfi looks like she's about to cry. When finally confronted with the thought of losing him for real, she insists she wants him to remain as her patient. And then she actually does start crying. Tony jumps up and tries to comfort her, but he's clearly hurt and confused to see her in pain like this. "Go sit over there, and we'll do this," she says, and who didn't think she was going to tell him at that point? He goes back to his chair, looking even more frightened and perplexed. "Do you want to say something?" he asks. There's a super-tight close-up of Melfi, and then she replies with a simple, yet emphatic "No."

Gerald Levin: Wow. I mean, wow.
David Chase: Thanks.
Gerald Levin: Hey, what are you doing this Wednesday night? Because I've got this other show that could really use some help. Maybe you've heard of it? Daws…
David Chase: [Gets out. Now.]
Sars: Hey wait, don't leave! Come back! No, back here. No, don't get in the car…you're getting in the car. Great. That's just great. Oh well. What are you gonna do?

Next week on The Sopranos: It's guest star-a-palooza, as Charles Dutton does Cop Roc and Burt "Rocky" Young cops a bad attitude.

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