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Sympathy for the Devil

In the car, Pants asks if Jackie would mind making a stop. When they do, it's at yet another dump facility. Joey and Jackie enter the office to find an ambiguously ethnic guy working late at his desk. From the contextual clues, he seems to be either Arabic, or, more likely, from one of the former Soviet republics, presumably one ending in "-stan." Guy looks like pure Eurotrash to me, though. Anyway, as always with this show, his payment is late. Don't people in New Jersey ever have to pay their bills? No, seriously. Do they? Because I'm willing to move. More I can't pay the rent/you must pay the rent banter, and then Ambiguously Ethnic Guy (hereafter known as "Stan") questions Joey Pants's right to collect on all the garbage routes. Which is something I've always wondered. Why do these people pay? Can't they call the cops or take out insurance? ["HA HA HA HA HA! Oh, man. 'Call the cops.' That's a good one." -- Sars] Maybe dump all the trash on Tony's lawn? Joey asks if Stan wants to "question a New Jersey business practice that goes back seventy years," and I thought I just did that. He then smashes Stan's toy airplane (bad move, Joey -- that Stan's kinda unstable. You wouldn't want an obsessed fan on your ass) and proceeds to lure him into a fight with Jackie Jr. Said fight occurs (during which Stan refers to Joey Pants as a "wop," and no definitions are required for that one. Joey then refers to Jackie Jr. as a "young buck," and while I also know what that one means, Jackie Jr. ain't exactly the picture I would have picked for the dictionary), and Joey and Jackie quickly gain the upper hand. Pants rips the guy's wallet right out of his, well, pants, and proceeds to split the sizable wad of cash he finds therein with Jackie Jr., who's never been so happy. Okay, first of all, they finally get a pair of pants on this show and then they rip them to shreds? What's up with that? Also, what kind of garbageman carries around a wad of cash like that? There must have been close to $500 there. Maybe he's the one embezzling from the pants budget.

Cut to a very nice house, somewhere out in the New Jersey hinterlands. Tony rings the bell a half dozen times before a truly scary looking woman answers. Her appearance itself isn't as frightening as her resemblance to a co-worker of mine (who is scary), so maybe that effect is lost on others. Her voice, however, could terrify anyone. Including the deaf, and most other mammals. Tony identifies her as Ginny Sack, wife of Johnny, the New York boss. She invites Tony in and then yells for Johnny to come downstairs. When he does, Tony offers up a gift that we're never actually shown, but seems likely to be cigars. Sack leads Tony into the great room, which he considers to be merely "mediocre," and then Tony starts gently grilling him about his motives for moving to Jersey. Sack explains (I know, I'm sorry, but it's just too much fun calling him "Sack." I don't even know why. It just is) that the schools are great, they're closer to Ginny's sisters, and it's only forty-five minutes over the bridge. Tony remains concerned, however, until Johnny assures him that he has no intentions of moving in on any local business. "There's our family, and there's the Soprano family," he says, and since that's the second time we've heard that in as many weeks, you just know New York is gonna be making a move soon. When Tony asks for a tour, he gets involuntarily drafted to help "unstick [a] rain-bird." "I'm a stranger in a strange land out here," moans Sack, and given the Neanderthal views on rape that Heinlein espouses in that very book, I wonder how he'd grok this episode?

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