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Sympathy for the Devil

Casa di Soprano. Carmela answers the phone, and it's Melfi. She asks to speak to "Anthony Soprano," and I actually wondered for a moment why she'd want to talk to AJ. When Carmela reports that Tony isn't available, she's a bit nonplussed to discover who she's talking to. Melfi cancels that week's appointment by lying and saying she was in a car accident. Carmela hopes she's okay, and Melfi tells her that her "knee took the worst of it." Just as they're about to hang up, Tony comes in and starts yelling boorishly in the background. Melfi doesn't hear him, though, and we cut to her house as Richard snipes about Tony and his marriage. Melfi calls her next patient. "Hello, Kate? I know talking on the phone upsets you, but…" Ever notice how Melfi's other patients are always wacky? Except the one who killed herself. Back at Das Sopranohaus, Carmela relays the message. "Why not just announce it on WFAN," snarks Tony, as he shoos the maid away. Heh. After Bobby Bacala, the maid is so my favorite tertiary (tm Daniel) character. When Carmela tells him about the accident, Tony is concerned. Especially about her knees. And the possible damage to them. And whether they'll be scarred. It's funny, but also a little Freudian. After all, given their seating arrangement, and Melfi's just-above-the-knee hemlines, it's likely that particular body part holds a certain erotic fascination for Tony. Carmela isn't impressed with his concern, and when the knee-related conversational gambit ends up going the way of the log, Tony mentions the possibility of Carmela joining him in therapy. She's a bit nonplussed by that too, but finally agrees.

Melfi's house. She's zonked out on the couch when Richard comes home. The first words out of his mouth are "Did they call yet?" She says no, and they bicker about whether he should call them. Finally, we learn that he's talking about the cops, and he does in fact call to ask when she's supposed to come in for the line-up. Suddenly, he's pissed off and swearing, and then he hangs up after threatening to involve his attorney. He explains that they "mishandled the chain of custody or something," and had to let the guy go. Melfi is understandably shocked, and wants to call herself. "They told me everything," he says. "Before or after you started swearing?" she replies, and forces him to call again. He dials for her, and when they answer, he starts pontificating again, and Melfi makes him hand over the phone. She tells the detective, "I don't know what you people did, but I can identify him." And then her face falls as she gets the news again. She hangs up without a word, obviously taken aback. Richard takes this opportunity to get all patronizing about having a guard escort her at night, because most incidents happen in garages, and she snots that he now thinks this is her fault. They argue, and he tries to stop it by saying, "This isn't doing anyone any good." Which is patronizing too, but also true. She calls him on his dismay at learning the attacker was Italian, and limps off after complaining that the "whole fucking world is about [his] self-esteem."

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